5 best burberry watches

5 Best Burberry Watches To Give As A Gift

Have you ever given a gift to someone close to you? Or did you ever receive a gift for your birthday and on Christmas Day? Nothing will change the excitement of receiving a gift. It does not matter how old you are as well as the occasion. It is hard not to smile when you receive a box neatly tied with a bow. The easy part is receiving, yet they say, “It is better to give than to receive.”

Watches are generic as gifts because they are helpful and convenient. And who doesn’t love a good watch? The necessity of watches may be depleting with technology, but just like hard-bound books, it is just not the same.

Watches are a go-to gift for someone you love and admire. The best kinds of watches are handcrafted watches that go beyond the test of time. Luxury brands aim to keep the tradition of gift-giving with the best watch money can offer.

Burberry Watches

Each Burberry timepiece produced by master watchmakers is done with years of experience on its hands. Hence, all their products are highly appreciated by men and women, enthusiasts or not. This is why Burberry watches for women and men are known for their quality.

Burberry, a British brand for watches, displays a distinctive sensibility in luxury known throughout the world. This history of the brand is now reflected today with endurance, functionality, and pure class in style.

Burberry has been a gift to yourself or another ever since this brand was introduced. This brand makes the reason for giving a little more special. It is like the cherry on top of a very delicious cake! But this cherry is very useful and wearable to almost any weather and attire. You cannot ignore a Burberry watch because its timepieces are treasures shared with all.

1. Burberry Unisex Gold BU9033

Have you ever seen the sand glitter through the sunset with the sea? That scene is what paints the Burberry Unisex Gold BU9033. Nothing can go wrong with an overall gold specialty, not for this piece. Gold signifies luxury and grandeur for both men and women.

The 38mm case and 20mm stainless steel strap are all colored in 18k gold. The dial is like a glow of champagne background labeled Swiss Made for that extra allure. What gives this life is the Swiss movement to ensure the right time throughout the day. The watch also includes a window calendar replacing the 3 o’clock position.

2. Burberry BU9037

What is closely associated with gold? Silver bracelet watches are unique and subtle in style. It goes with any occasion and outfit, let it be a suit and tie ball, a reunion, or a silver anniversary. Most people rely on the Burberry BU9037’s versatile usage, which is why we listed this timepiece as a gift idea.

This model almost has the same size as Burberry Unisex Gold BU9033. The engravings on the links of the strap with chequered engravings on the crown are what set this Burberry apart. This design makes it feel like diamond ring jewelry.

3. Burberry Pioneer Ladies Gold

An unusual shape for a ladies’ watch, but why not? It is not every day you get to wear a Burberry in a rectangle. This champagne-colored chequered dial looks brilliant with its golden case. The strap finishes this look with a Haymarket check strap design, most commonly identified with the Burberry luxury handbags. The strap is sized for women at 18mm of premium leather.

4. Burberry Stainless Steel BU9382

This black tainted watch is the take of Burberry on a minimalist design. This premium watch is primarily done for men as an elegant wristwatch with a leather strap, which is also in black. What is great is that black goes with everything and is an easy pick for a gift-giving season.

This perfect gift is to be used every day to work, school, party, or rest day. The rotating uni-directional bezel on the watch creates a masculine feel, while the play of silver and black has people looking in a very satisfying way.

5. Burberry Watch for Men Gunmetal Grey

A classic timepiece is a goal for designing this Gunmetal Grey watch from Burberry for men. Its charm is irresistible, from the 20mm strap to the 38mm case of stainless steel. The dial features a chequered grey pattern, which goes perfectly with the aesthetics of the timepiece.

The watch is an assured waterproof piece because it is made out of stainless steel. Its dial is guarded by synthetic sapphire, which is scratch-resistant, unlike mineral glass used for other dials. Men with smaller wrists will find this 38mm dial more comfortable than 42mm watches.


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