5 Signs You Are Addicted

Maybe, you are wondering why some friends or family members have begun to hint you may have issues with what you use. You feel fine, you’re socially active, have a job, and your life generally goes well. You’ve never been to the addiction treatment center, you don’t consider yourself addicted, and you don’t think you need any help with your life.

But answer a simple question: have you ever felt defensive or irritated by the topic when some of your close ones try to discuss it? If so, maybe it is the right time to reconsider your opinion about the level of addiction you may have.

Those around you may see the situation differently and notice things that escape your mind. The changes you may see as nothing important can appear telling for those who’ve seen them occur. Before it’s too late, check the following points to get something to think about and decide if you need to correct your behavior just slightly or if it is time to seek professional help. 

1. Physical symptoms 

This is something others notice faster than you. Many substances affect your appetite and ability to sleep well. You may chalk it off to overworking or something that makes you nervous, but this might not be the case.

Other than easily noticeable changes, the main physical symptom that signals you have an addiction is withdrawal when you stop taking what you use. If you experience trouble with dropping the substance use, the clear message here is you have a real problem that needs to be addressed.

While a severe hangover leads many to promise they will never drink again (the promise is often forgotten as soon as they feel better), not every addiction puts you in that unbearable physical state to make you think. Internet addiction signs, symptoms, and treatment will be very different from an alcohol or drug addict experience. It is important to detect the problem timely and begin working on it when it’s still possible. 

2. Overall appearance

Other than sleep and appetite, you may experience weight loss which is also noticeable to those around you. Has your skin become dryer or otherwise? Has someone told you your attitude became more nervous, and sometimes you lack concentration? What about personal hygiene? Take a look at your photos from a period you haven’t used. Did you look better then?

Any substance addiction will alter your looks, and it’s important, to be honest with yourself and consider some steps to change the situation. 

3. Mood swings

Do the delays in taking your poison to make you grumpy, irritable, or even angry? Do you let euphoria take you over completely when you consume the substance? Do you experience sudden mood changes from dancing over the clouds to falling into the darkest void?

Many substances that lead to addiction alter your brain significantly, putting you on an unstoppable roller-coaster of mood changes you can’t properly control. If this happens regularly and affects your life and your close ones’ lives negatively, it’s time to think about visiting an addiction treatment center and talking to a specialist. 

4. Erratic behavior

Another reason to think about whether you need help is unstable and erratic behavior. Addiction often leads to broken promises and suddenly changing plans, which can make living or working with you unbearable. When people can’t trust you, they stop including you in their daily activities or rely on you for important projects that might speed up your career. When you are unstable, there’s no sense in dealing with you.

If you notice this happens regularly, think about seeking help. We are social creatures and need each other, but if you cause more trouble than use, you may find yourself with no one around. 

5. Changes in sleep habits

As we’ve mentioned earlier, your sleep habits might change due to substance usage. You may experience insomnia or feel the significant unpleasant changes in your sleep quality. Lack of good sleep affects human health drastically and should be avoided. If you’ve noticed good sleep has become an issue, consider your addiction the primary cause.

Any kind of addiction changes our lives in all areas. It’s hard to live a balanced and happy life while the addiction hangs like the Sword of Damocles over your head. The earlier you acknowledge the problem, the easier it would be to take your life into your hands again. The way is not easy for many but manageable with some effort and motivation. Don’t hesitate to go clean and welcome your new healthy, and happy life.

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