5 ways put logo on socks

5 Ways to Put Your Logo on Socks

A logo is a symbolic representation of a business or product’s identity that enables customers to quickly recognize distinct brands. It contributes significantly to publicity’s promotional efforts. Additionally, there are a variety of techniques utilized in socks, and this article will explore them as well as offer some advice on designing a logo on socks.

One method to appear fashionable is to have your brand put on your customized socks with the logo. There are various techniques you may employ when printing your logo on socks. Your logo needs to be clear to see and should look great. Heat transfer, knitting, embroidery, printing, and rubber grip logos are a few of the techniques you can apply.

Different Techniques To Incorporate Your Logo

Socks can be branded in a variety of ways, including jacquard or knitting, embroidery, printing, label marks, reflective logos, grip logos, and more. The most popular type of logo placement is knitting which weaves designs into the socks as they are produced. Varied methods have different benefits and drawbacks, and the outcome is dependent on the logo design.

1. Knitting

Optical sensors and computer-controlled precision needles are used to create a knitted logo. The procedure involves actually knitting the branding into the socks’ fabric. The manufacturer will alter the logo you have uploaded in accordance with your choice of custom logo socks.

2. Printing

The method used for heat transfer paper is comparable to sublimation printing. It entails creating a design on specialized paper (in this case, sublimation paper), printing it, and applying it to the socks. Yet, there are differences in the sublimation technology. Usually, when heated, sublimation ink converts from a solid into a gas.

When the gas cools, it returns to the solid form and becomes ingrained in the fabric of the socks, where it remains. As a result, there is no tactile difference between the printed logo and the sock itself since the transferred logo does not put any layer on top of the fabric. Here in the US, you can always consult with a local socks manufacturer like “Mad Sports Stuff” that designs a variety of long sports socks and white soccer socks over which you can custom print your favorite team logo.

3. Heat Transfer Logo

In order to use heat transfer paper, the logo must first be printed onto a piece of transfer paper using an inkjet or laser printer. The custom socks with logos are made using a heat press to apply pressure and heat after placing the paper on the sock. Pressure control is often present and ranges from medium to high pressure. The transfer is finished when the heating cycle is finished, and the head of the transfer heat press is raised.

4. Embroidery

A logo is embroidered into the fabric of the bespoke socks by the manufacturer. It is durable and long-lasting, and it may endure as long as the socks do. Although it is rather expensive, the design’s extended lifespan makes it reasonable. Embroidered logos offer the clothing a more substantial feel and a more sophisticated appearance. It is advised to apply it on clothing intended to endure a long time.

5. Rubber Grip Logo

By providing grips to the bottom of the socks, rubber grip logos help to minimize sliding and falling. Printed corporate logos can be used as tread grippers. Such socks can be beneficial for someone who participates in a sweat-producing activity; also, they may be utilized in hospitals or for little kids.


Overall, if you want to make custom socks with your logo, you should consider your budget, suggestions, quantity, and quality you want to order. Choosing the best custom sock company that closely reflects your project objectives is crucial. It includes a variety of factors, including cost, lead times, yarn colors available, quality, and service. If you overlook one or undervalue another, the project’s conclusion may be totally altered, leaving you dissatisfied with the end.

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