6 basic bartending tools

6 Basic Bartending Tools You Will Need for Your Bar at Home

One of the most exciting things about being a young adult is having a good time with friends at a party drinking all the delicious alcoholic drinks. For many people, this is one way to unwind and forget about all the challenges in life for one night.

Alcohol can make someone burst into intense emotions, always a thrilling life experience. Moreover, despite the fun time alcoholic drinks give, drink them at a moderate rate because it can cause health problems in the long run. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic forced all the bars worldwide to stop operations. The late-night dancing and partying was also put to a stop. But if you miss drinking all those fruity alcoholic drinks, you can recreate them at home hopefully with a Murphy Bar as an addition to your decor. Continue reading this article to know what essential tools you need when you want to start bartending at home.

1. Make Your Drink More Aesthetically Pleasing With a Variety of Glasses

An alcohol-mixed drink is never complete without elegant cocktail glasses. They might be glass materials, but their designs make the layered colors of the drink seen from top to bottom. These cocktail glasses are what people commonly use at home, so you do not have to spend money on new glasses just for cocktails. 

Some of the famous cocktail glasses include the highball glass. It is a tall and straight glass measuring from 8 to 12 centimeters, and these are perfect for rum, vodka, and gin mixed drinks. The rocks glass is short and wide, perfect for Negroni and Whiskey mixed drinks.

If you want to have a champagne cocktail night, you will have to purchase coupe glasses that are round and broad in shape. And never forget the famous V-shaped wine glass that is fit for a martini cocktail. 

2. Mix the Perfect Cocktail Blend With Some Special Mixing Spoons

Bartending at home is easy because you could use the spoons you already have. A mixing spoon available by your home bar or kitchen helps mix the alcohol and other added drinks to blend the perfect concoction. But if you want to take it to the next level, you can buy the special spoons you usually see in bars.

These mixing spoons are designed with a thin long stainless steel handle to mix in a smooth circular motion. It will also be easier to mix drinks to the bottom, especially with tall glasses. They are also lightweight for easy and faster bartending. 

3. Open Bottles Quickly and Easily With Bottle Openers and Corkscrews

Bartending requires speed, so you have to figure out all the ways to make things easier to handle. Opening beer, wine, and alcoholic drink bottles can slow down the process, especially if you do not have the right tools. The essential items that you should have beforehand are bottle openers and corkscrews.

So that home bartending will be more fun and convenient. There are a variety of bottle openers available in the market, so you can choose what works best and what design suits your bartending style.

4. Create Your Delicious Cocktails With the Shaker

Cocktail drink mixing is never complete without the shaker. This item may not always be available at home, so you can purchase it if you have the extra budget. The shaker is two tall stainless steel glasses that mix alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Most cocktail shakers even have a small opening on top to transfer drinks smoothly without spillage. You can also add ice to make the drink cold before serving it. It is also okay to omit this item, especially when you are just a beginner in bartending. 

5. Have an Ice Bucket to Serve Your Drinks Cold

Cocktail drinks will always be at their best when served cold, so make sure to bring along a bucket filled with ice. This item will keep the ice from quickly melting and going all over the place. It is also an aesthetic piece when you establish your home bar, and it is perfect when you have guests around.

But if you have a limited budget, you can also opt this item out and use the ice tray or ice compartment you have in your refrigerator. 

6. Get Your Drink Measurements Right by Using the Jigger

The jigger is a small stainless steel item that looks like an hourglass. It is perfect for measuring the alcohol you will put on every drink and the non-alcoholic ones. It will also help you avoid over-pouring beverages, especially to your guests who are meticulous with their cocktails.

The jiggers are always seen behind every bar, and if you want to start your home bartending, you must get this item.


We are still longing for that day when we can freely visit bars and party all night. But until then, we can still indulge in our favorite cocktail drinks at home. It is still fun to have a drink while relaxing alone, have intimate talks with your family, or maybe have some friends drop by.

Just take note of all the listed tools above and visit Recipes.net to know what cocktails you should make next.

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