Top Seven Accessories That Would Be Ideal for the Christmas Aesthetic

If there’s ever a time to sparkle, it’s Christmas: embrace the glitter and glam of the season, as well as the comfy-cozy hygge of the holiday period. The seven accessories below are the perfect choice for intimate yule gatherings, black-tie balls, or rosy-cheeked walks in the woods.

1. Eye Catching Earrings

Choose from a vast selection of festive-themed stud earrings, such as sterling silver snowflakes, penguins, stars, and angels, for a cute accessory that can be worn with any outfit. Pearls are set to be huge next year, and so catch the trend early with some luxe pearl studs or drop earrings to add instant old-school glamor to your party ensemble. Or go for the ultimate in sparkle: a pair of long earrings glittering with diamonds will ensure that your outfit dazzles at any event.

2. Perfect Personalized Necklaces

Express yourself perfectly this party season with a gorgeous personalized necklace to imbue your cozy knit or sparkly gown with easy elegance. Worn over a warm sweater or next to the skin as part of a special outfit, a name necklace is a great choice: see here for a selection of personalized jewelry that includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Choose from a plethora of designs to suit all styles and from pieces in gold, white gold, or that are gold plated. Personalized jewelry makes for a wonderful Christmas gift for someone special, too! 

Think about your skin tone when choosing the metal of your necklace. Silver and white gold look best set against cool skin tones, while warmer skin tones look gorgeous next to yellow gold. Those with a neutral tone are lucky enough to be able to carry off all of these precious metals equally well.

3. Scandi-Style Knits

Snuggle up in style with a Scandi-style knit: choose a chunky, distinctively patterned sweater, opt for wrist-warmers or a traditional blue, white and red bobble hat and scarf set. Perfect for festive first dates or family hikes, Scandi knits are a practical way to look good and are a perennial fashion favorite. 

Match your home’s aesthetic to your own, and look for Scandi inspired stockings, Christmas wreaths, throws, and cushions, too, for a beautifully snug winter season!

4. Blissful Boots

Boots are vital for winter: you need to be able to walk endless miles around a Christmas market or two or be ready to embark on a post-lunch stroll through the fields at the drop of a hat. On top of this, your footwear needs to be smart enough to take you into a bar for a glass of mulled wine or to drop in unexpectedly on friends.

With all this in mind, select a pair of comfortable, flat-heeled leather or suede ankle boots with some pretty or standout detailing to make sure you’re not only ready for anything that the holiday period throws at you but that you’re ready in style. Choose fur-lined options for extra warmth, or opt for a pair with unusual details or patterning, such as ribbons, embroidery, or that features images that appeal to you.

5. Wrap Up With a Pashmina

A pashmina is a luxe alternative to a cardigan or jacket and can take the place of a coat if you have just the shortest of walks between the car and a posh party venue. Choose a pashmina in cashmere for the ultimate in elegance and comfort and in a color that complements the rest of your outfit.

If you’re wearing all black or grey, you may want to consider a pashmina in red, green or gold, to reflect the traditional colors of the festive season! For additional warmth, select wool, or for a sheer, sleek look, opt for silk or chiffon.

For extra sparkle, you could fix your pashmina in place with a beautiful, eye-catching brooch that matches the rest of your jewelry.

6. Glitter All the Way

The festive period is the opportune time to wear your sparkliest dress and most glitter-infused make-up – but this winter season, it’s all about diamante embellished and patterned tights! Already making a stir on the catwalks, statement tights and stockings will take over in 2022, so get ahead of the game and think about incorporating them into your Christmas aesthetic.

To get the look, choose tights with a high sheen or that have an iridescent finish or are patterned with diamante sparkles. Color and pattern-wise, go as bright and bold as you dare: hot pink will be the hue that everyone’s wearing next year, so make your little black dress pop with a splash of this vibrant shade.

7. And the Novelty Stuff…

It just wouldn’t be fair to wrap up this post without quickly mentioning a selection of Christmas-themed novelty accessories! Whether you want to invest in some wearable fairy lights, reindeer antlers, a flashing jumper, or an oversized pair of bauble earrings, the world really is your festive oyster. Go classy with a silver Christmas charm bracelet or go all-in with a Santa hat with an attached knitted beard – whatever your style, there is a novelty accessory for you, I promise… 

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