add signature on a pdf

Steps to Add Signature on a PDF

The digital age has brought about a lot of changes in how we work, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been able to make our signatures any more interesting. Technology has its advantages, though: you can add your electronic signature to a PDF file with just a few clicks or taps. Here’s how!

Draw the signature

• Draw the signature on a sheet of paper and scan it.

• Save the image as a PDF file with your preferred file name and location, then open it in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or later versions.

• In the Tools menu, click on Signature Toolbar, then choose a signature tool (e.g., Automatic Repair) that’s similar to what you previously used when creating signatures in Word or Excel documents (if applicable).

• Click inside an empty area in your document where you want to add a signature and click Apply button at the bottom right corner of the page window to apply the new signature

Create a signature from a photo of your signature on a white background

• Use a scanner to take a picture of your signature.

• Go to the photo editor on your computer and crop the image, leaving only your signature.

• Save it as a JPG or PNG file and then upload it to Google Drive so that you can use it for signing PDFs in Google Docs or Google Sheets.

Sign with your finger or stylus on any touchscreen computer

Signing a PDF document is easy and can be done in just a few steps:

• Open the PDF file you want to sign. The signature is added to all pages in the document, not just the first page, as in previous versions of Adobe Acrobat.

• Click Edit > Sign & Fill. The Sign & Fill window appears (see Figure 1).

• Select an option from the drop-down menu next to Type Of Signature And Location Of Signature For Your Document (see Figure 2). For example, if you select Fingerprint Scanner from this list, then when someone scans their fingerprint on a device such as an HP tablet or mobile phone with built-in biometric authentication capabilities like Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, they will see instructions for using that scanner instead of having their signature converted into ASCII text at this point. As per the Adobe Acrobat’s professionals, “If they choose Tablet Touch Keyboard from this list instead then they will see instructions for signing.”

Sign with your mouse

To sign a PDF with your mouse:

• Go to the Signature menu, and choose Sign with Mouse.

• Select an existing signature or create a new one from scratch by clicking New Signature in the Signing Toolbar or choosing Add Signature from the Sign menu (Ctrl+S). Your signature is saved automatically as part of your PDF; it does not exist separately as a separate file on your computer unless you specifically save it as such.

• Choose an option from Sign Here: Left-click where you want to place the signature, then drag diagonally across the page until you reach another corner of your document; release when finished signing that area completely before releasing firmly on any other location.

There are several methods to respond to the request signature on PDF. You can either use Adobe Acrobat Pro or SignNow, which have similar features and functionalities.

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