9 Pieces of Advice from Successful Investors

Understanding finance, the markets, investing, etc. comes naturally for some. While others must take a knock or two, and sometimes ten to understand and implement effectively. A lot of what we lack in knowledge in terms of finance boils down to complexity. Or rather, we think the finance sector is complex. But if you use practical tips and tricks, you can become an expert like many other investors.

Let’s take trading for example. Advanced traders will tell you to research, follow trends, and use tools such as UK TradingView to help you in this market. It’s pretty simple and can save you hours, if not a day’s worth of struggles. And in that breath, let’s look at advice from successful investors.

1. Be calculated

Few people understand the need to be calculated when making investments and the benefits that can arise from this. When you are calculated, you are able to create different scenarios and their possible outcomes.

If you see that a specific trade or investment will only yield results in 10 years, but you are after something more instant, you can simply pull out and choose something else. You do not have to necessarily limit yourself. You should be flexible but make smart choices. More importantly, apply your mind and research well. Also, keep up to date with trends.

2. Conquer greed

What is conquering greed? Well, to make more money, you should always take your profits too soon. This was something financier Bernard Baruch called conquer greed. This was a pearl of wisdom the financier left with the world.

3. Don’t fall for predictions

While there is a lot of truth in predicting certain trends, for the most part, you cannot trust individuals who say they know for certain what will happen in the future. Especially in terms of financial advice. To make better decisions, you must understand that trading and investing are a game of chance. There is no single person who would be able to tell you what is going to take place in the future. Just don’t get caught out by those individuals who claim to know it all.

4. Know when to move

If you are honest with yourself, you will know exactly when it’s time to move around your investments and when to trade, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Quite the opposite actually. This will help you make more money on your investments and trades later on. Here’s how. We’ve all heard the saying, “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”, and the same can be applied to the markets.

Learn to move your investments around but do it logically. Even the most successful investors apply this logic, hence their success. Stay up to date with foreign exchange and look at your investment portfolios. Then, also look at what others in those sectors are doing, especially when the markets are not favorable. You will find that many investors continue to buy stocks, trade, and invest in Interesting Sets Of Stocks regardless of what is happening in the global economy.

5. Remove your emotions

We are naturally inclined to get emotional especially when something does not go our way or the markets are volatile. It’s normal, however, it can be your downfall. Successful investors attribute a large part of their success to staying level-headed, more so in tough economic times. The rule is clear here, never become attached to an investment you are hoping to make a profit on.

6. Find investments that work for you

While we did mention that being calculated is encouraged, finding the right investment is even more so. All over the world, you will find investments and trading opportunities which do come with levels of reward. This requires some effort in the form of research and shopping around. Then find the ones that will provide you with the desired level of reliability and pay-out.

7. Remain optimistic

You can be both a successful investor and trader while still being optimistic. But don’t be fooled, optimism can lead you down a rabbit hole of only expecting the best outcomes. As long you are realistic in your optimistic approach you will be fine.

8. Take time to think

We are often influenced by others and our circumstances. Successful investors, take full responsibility for their actions. If you’ve just made the worst trade of your life and it was solely your decision, you can own that and take it as a learning experience. Think every decision through for yourself and disregard, especially those lacking in substance, the opinion of others. Remember, this is your time, money, and energy, you should be dictating how each of these goes.

9. Evaluate your options

Always look at what you have in front of you, what you’ve done in the past, and what you want to do in the future. Since there is no perfect way to make money, you can only work with what you have. So, trust your gut, look over where you want to go, and make things happen, good luck!

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