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The All-on-4 Implant Procedure for Beginners

People can lose teeth for several reasons. Accidents, tooth decay, and other oral issues can all cause your teeth to fall out. Regardless of the cause, tooth loss is something that you must address as soon as possible to get your mouth back to fully functional.

One modern method for fixing tooth loss is the All-on-4 procedure. It is a new method to restore multiple missing teeth and restore your mouth to fully functional. Here is more on these implants and what you should expect during the procedure.

Denture Issues

Traditional dentures that sit on your gums are very common, although they present several drawbacks. For example, denture adhesive can loosen during the day and result in the embarrassing situation of your dentures separating from your gums while talking to someone. Additionally, the glue can prevent you from eating certain foods which could be your favorite.

Additionally, one thing that your dental implant specialist might point out is that dentures do not prevent further bone loss from not having teeth. When you have natural teeth, they exert pressure on your jawbone as you eat. That stimulates the bone, encouraging it to grow and increase in density. However, when you lose your teeth, you lose that natural stimulation, which can weaken the bone’s density.

Consultation and Exam

To start your All-on-4 treatment, you’ll undergo an initial exam and consultation. It involves discussing your oral and medical health history, x-rays, 3D scans, and an intraoral examination. This consultation is essential because it allows your dentist to properly understand your oral health, so any issues causing missing teeth can be addressed before you begin your All-on-4 process.

Your dentist will also discuss your goals and outline your expected results. That is critical to help you decide if the All-on-4 process is good for you. You should understand as much as possible about the procedure before you undergo it.

Patient Prep

Once you understand the prosthodontic process and are ready to move ahead, the patient prep phase can begin. That will primarily involve taking several precise measurements so the implant process can be designed to give you the best orientation and shape. This step is critical because it ensures that the implants will be comfortable and stable within your mouth.

The Procedure

When it is time for your procedure at your All on 4 Phoenix provider, the dentist will begin by marking the exact measurements within your mouth to ensure these are adhered to during the surgery. That ensures that your jaw and facial structure remain in the same location once the implants are in your mouth.

Then, you will be sedated, and the surgery begins. First, any remaining teeth or remnants of teeth will be removed along with excess and damaged gums. Then, the dentist will make an incision along both ridges to expose your jawbone so they can remove the predetermined bone measurements. Finally, they will place the implants.

Imagine the difference you will see from this process if you have been experiencing tooth loss. First, you’ll have a brand new smile. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite foods again.

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