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New And Great Alternatives For Tinder In 2021

Let’s face it – Tinder has revolutionized online dating, and almost everybody has tried it at some point in their life. Swiping left or right is now a perfectly normal way to meet someone new, whether you are looking for a relationship, friendships, or something casual. 

Still, no matter how popular it is, there are many people that don’t really like it or just feel it isn’t their cup of tea. Studies have shown that the majority of those people are women and members of the LGBTQ community. They just want something different and don’t respond to Tinder well.

Another reason why great alternatives for tinder are on the rise in 2021 is the COVID-19 pandemic. It has changed the face of dating and finding a compatible partner has become quite challenging. During the lockdowns, online dating sites and mobile dating apps have become huge. They offer you easy ways to find people with similar interests, try casual dating, meet new people, or maybe even start a long-term relationship. Let’s check out these amazing alternatives for Tinder together!


This website and mobile app are for adults only. It’s a great place to meet other people, discuss your sexual fantasies, exchange photos, and have naughty chats with other members. It’s the best way to find casual sex partners and fulfill your wildest dreams and desires. Finding sex online has never been this easy. The app helps you locate potential partners nearby while guaranteeing your sensitive data is secure. All your personal communications are private, so you don’t have to worry about any scams. Just relax and explore your deepest sexual fantasies.


Ladies, finally there is an app just for you. It was founded by women who were tired of sexist rules of dating. It currently has 22 million users, and it’s super user-friendly. This app has banned any racist, body-shaming, homophobic, and transphobic language and caters to both homosexual and heterosexual partners. 

The main difference between Bumble and Tinder is that, once you match, only a lady can make the first move and send a message. This protects women from dirty messages and photos and also gives them time to decide. Tinder can get so overwhelming, but Bumble gives you 24 hours to send a chat.

They also have a few new features that can help you find new friends and colleagues if you aren’t interested in dating (Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz).


The most popular Tinder alternative in the USA is definitely OkCupid. The big difference is that this app shows people are much more than just a photo. OkCupid has a personality quiz and filters your matches based on your answers. You will likely find a person with the same interests and passions there.

Many users claim that they met their ideal partners, even spouses, through this app. When compared to other dating sites, profiles go a lot deeper and ensure you will find someone compatible

Unless you match, you won’t be able to see private messages, which is great if you often get annoyed by fake profiles or offensive texts. This is very important since dating apps can become a nightmare when someone starts sending you inappropriate messages, photos, and just won’t stop. Always try using apps that make you feel safe and relaxed. After all, you are supposed to be having fun, right? 


Thursday is the app everybody has been waiting for. It finally launched in May 2021, and it’s available on Apple Store and Google Play. It’s simple, effective, and it already has over 110,000 users.

This app is very unique for one specific reason – all users date, match, and flirt one day a week. Can you guess which? Thursday, of course! All the matches and messages disappear every Thursday at midnight. Something is appealing about dating online only once a week because many people find keeping up with all the apps draining, time-consuming, and overwhelming. 

The creators claim that Thursday is all about spontaneity. It also cuts down on the endless small talk and ensures nobody is bothering you.


Hinge is also called a millennial’s dream, or the Instagram of dating apps. If you think you are witty and charming, you should definitely try this app. You see, matches aren’t based on pictures. All the profiles are made of quotes and questions, and you can really learn a lot about someone by reading their answers. Hinge can set you up a date in two seconds, you just need to be smart and funny.

There are a lot of great dating websites and apps on the market. Whether you want to find casual sex, new friends, or a long-term relationship – there is something for everyone. Check out these amazing options, and someone that fits your exact interests is sure to be out there.

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