10 Tips to Apply Lash Fans Safely

Congratulations to you for pursuing a career as an eyelash extension artist. This is one of the most exciting times when you make sure to give the perfect treatment to your clients and also make some common mistakes. A blunder can be possible when we start certain things as a beginner, but to craft your work, practice is necessary.

Several experienced eyelash artists had also made mistakes in their careers and learned from them. And you can also learn from their blunders and prevent yourself from unwanted happenings. And, to help you out more, we have curated ten essential tips to apply lash fans safely and give the best performance to your clients.

These ten lash fan tips are provided for beginners that cover all the mistakes with solutions that a new eyelash artist can make, address them before they become a habit.

1. Place the eye patch correctly

One can easily master the art of placing the eye patch correctly by putting them to the inner corners first and then pressing it to the rest of the eye line. This will allow you to have more control over the placement of the eye patch.

2. Use mapping

It is essential to use a map for applying premade lash fans as it allows the lash artists to properly plan where the lashes will be placed and how to get the correct length of the lash extension that has to be placed on each natural lash.

3. Never skip the pre-treatment process.

Sometimes in a hurry, eyelash artists skip the pre-treatment stage. But, it is necessary not to forget it. Tell your clients to visit you without any makeup and clean their lashes and eyes using a lash shampoo. Make sure to remove all the dust and start with a clear base.

4. Make use of the right amount of adhesive.

Using the right amount of eyelash adhesive is a necessary thing. Use a scooping motion method to take the adhesive correctly and apply lash fans to the eyelashes. If you notice a little bead of adhesive on the eyelash fans, then you have applied the adhesive in the right manner.

5. Avoid placing the lash fans close to the eyelid.

One can easily notice a thin line in between the lashes and the eyelid. For an eyelash artist, it is advised to place the lash fans correctly so that it does not cause pain and discomfort as the adhesive can irritate the eye.

6. Know about the eyelash style for each client

If you are a lash artist, then it is your responsibility to know the style of the eyelash of the client. It is necessary to consider the structure of the bone, the shape of the eye, and the direction where the eyelash grows.

7. Do not use stickies.

Stickies are those eyelashes that are stuck together. For someone who has started a career as an eyelash artist will first find stickies on the eye, but later with practice, you will avoid doing this.

If you find any stickie, remove the eyelash adhesive and reapply a new lash fan extension safely.

8. Use the correct time to isolate the perfect lash.

When you are new to eyelashes, start working with the baby lashes and then move to the long lashes. The short lashes are easy to work with, and it naturally takes a long time to isolate the eyelash, and you can easily attach the extensions.

9. Make sure to take the lash in the correct direction.

Getting the right direction for the eyelash fans is a hard task. Start with the base direction to ensure that the inner and outer lash fans are in the outward direction rather than going straight.

Use a sunrise pattern to keep the eyelashes in the right direction or keep the eye in the direction where the lash tips are pointing.

10. Consult the client before applying the lash fan

Have a prior consultation with the client before the appointment is fixed to make sure that you meet all their requirements. So that you know beforehand what your client is expecting from you.


All these ten tips listed above will surely help you diminish all your fears about learning how to apply lash fans safely. Make sure that the first experience should always be a successful one. Follow these steps to make a massive difference in your eyelash artist career and let your clients look great. For your lash supply needs, you can click here.

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