are energy patches safe

Are Energy Patches Safe? Do They Work?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the energy patch trend has been growing over the last decade. They take many different forms and claim to specialize in different facets of your wellbeing, which range from giving you a boost of energy to helping you relax after a stressful day. Some even claim to amplify your sex life!

Most of these patches work by slowly administering a cocktail of supplements and other ingredients into your bloodstream. These compositions are usually made up of various vitamins and oils, though some trendier ingredients have made their way into the mix like CBD.

There are also patches that avoid putting any chemicals or consumables in your body, like Signal Relief or Feelzing by Thync. These patches utilize electrical signals and fields to achieve their purposes; the former aims to relieve pain on the site of discomfort, while the latter boosts your focus and energy levels.

But, are they safe? Electricity and chemical absorption may seem potentially dangerous at a glance, but we’ll take a closer look to explore any risks.

Energy Patch Ingredients

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you should look at the list of ingredients for any energy patch of the absorption variety. Those who are particularly sensitive to caffeine may have to do some sifting, as many energy patches contain various amounts to achieve their energy boosts. There can be a staggering amount of “natural” ingredients in some of them, so be sure to do your research to avoid any allergic reactions.

The alternative types of energy patches may solve this headache by avoiding putting anything in your bloodstream, like the previously mentioned Feelzing patch. It enhances your focus and energy levels without making you feel like you’re wired by, ironically, sending mild electrical currents to your brain and nervous system.

Nothing needs to be broken down and there’s no risk of a bad reaction since the patch simply stimulates parts of your body.


Across the board, the consensus is that these energy patches work, and they work well. Things weren’t so certain in the beginning, and telling someone about a wearable “patch for energy” could be met with an eye roll.

However, they’ve been refined enough over the years that every product you come across will accurately perform their advertised purpose, which is kind of amazing.

Health Concerns

Despite their near-certain health benefits, people should always pay some heed to what they’re putting in their bodies. Again, looking at the ingredients list is a good start, to make sure you’re not absorbing anything you don’t want to.

Also, frequency is something you want to keep in mind. Most energy patches will have recommended rates of use to make sure you aren’t using too many in a given timespan, or whether or not you can use more than one at once.

The Verdict

Chances are, if you buy an energy patch without doing any research and are heedless of any potential side effects, you’re going to be okay. They’ve been around long enough to work out the kinks, and as long as you aren’t deathly allergic to certain ingredients, the amount absorbed through one of these patches is tolerable.

Patches that utilize electrical hardware like the Feelzing energy patch or Signal Relief will most likely grow in popularity, since they can only grow better and cheaper as their technology is optimized.

All in all, energy patches by and large are a fast and convenient way to increase your productivity with near-zero risk of health detriment.

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