arrange furniture in small living room

4 Tricks To Arrange Furniture In A Small Living Room

A home is a place of solace for everyone. It is our place where we can be unapologetically ourselves, rest, work, and enjoy. Additionally, a good home helps to lift up our mood.

A spacious and clutter-free living room can do wonders for your state of mind after a long and stressful day at work. Hence, a living room should feel big and comfortable.

Do you have a small living room? Do you want your living room to look and feel spacious? Are you looking for ways to make your small living room feel less cluttered and cramped?

Here are 4 tricks to help you arrange furniture in a small living room and make it feel cozy and comfortable.

1. Avoid large/bulk pieces

A sofa is a necessary piece of furniture in the living room. A sofa can change the whole feel of your living room; hence it is important to choose the right sofa for your living room. A big sofa often occupies more space and makes your living room look smaller than it is. Instead of a single big sofa, you can opt for two smaller ones. Also, placing the small sofa in front of each other will make your living room look spacious and big. Homemakers South Ltd is where you can find suitable couches for your living room.

2. Proper placement is the key

A living room is a room where you keep many things. Along with looking spacious and clutter-free, it is also important for your living room to have storage. Generally, your living room contains sofas, TV units, bookshelves(check different types at Nathan James), etc.

All these things are necessary for a living room, but more often than not, they make a small living room crowded. Well, the solution for that is to arrange them in proper order. For example, you can place your bookshelf behind the sofa. It makes the illusion of a bigger room and simultaneously serves the storage requirement.

3. Light and colours

Proper light and ventilation are very important in a living room. Also, proper ventilation helps your living room to feel bigger and more spacious. While arranging the furniture, make sure that your furniture pieces do not block light. More amount of light entering the room makes your living room feel fresh and big.

If there is no sunlight available, you can always add light bulbs to your living room. The colour of your furniture is as important as the light in your living room. The colour of the furniture is the pro tip to ace your bigger living room game. Furniture with lighter colours and neutral tones that match the colour of your living room helps a lot in creating an illusion of a bigger living room.

4. Mirrors

Arranging mirrors at just the right places in your living room is the trick! A mirror helps a lot to reflect the lights in the living room, which in turn makes your living room feel big and spacious. Reflections in the mirrors create the illusion of a grand and spacious living room, thus making the living room appear bigger than it is.

Mirrors also serve as decoration pieces. From a ceiling to the floor-length mirror to mirrors of different sizes and decorative shapes, mirrors of all kinds do the job perfectly. This trick helps you creatively decorate and make your room feel spacious at the same time.

All these tricks help you arrange your living room in a decluttered way and make it feel comfortable and spacious. Along with the tricks mentioned above, you can also invest in furniture that is small in size with storage. This kind of furniture helps you to save space and serves your storage necessity too. These kinds of furniture are trending nowadays. These furniture pieces are a relief when you have a small living room.

You can also opt for foldable furniture. When you need them, they will become usable furniture pieces and a part of the wall when you don’t. A piece of multipurpose furniture is also a great option as it saves you space and money. This kind of furniture comes in handy when you have a small house.

Whichever furniture you choose, make sure it doesn’t clutter your house and serves its purpose properly.

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