avoid common bail bond errors

How Do We Avoid Common Bail Bond Errors?

A bail bond is an agreement where a bail bond agent assures payment on behalf of the defendant if the said party fails to appear for their court date. If you miss the court date, the entire bail bond amount is forfeited to the court and must get repaid in full. But if all bail requirements get successfully fulfilled, the money is returned to the defendant after subtracting the fees of the bail bond agent.
Some common bail bond mistakes are:


You must answer all questions about the bail bond service and courts truthfully when setting up the bail bond. Bond agents and courts ask various questions to determine if the said party is reliable enough to pay for the bail and show up at the court dates upon being released from custody. Lying when answering such questions may result in revocation of the bail bond and re-arrest.

Selecting a bail bond service that is not licensed

Many unlicensed, inexperienced, and unscrupulous bail bond agents operate at exorbitant rates within the market. Be wary and choose a well-reputed, licensed bail bond company to handle bail affairs. Castle Bail Bonds Butler County is a safe and reliable choice.

Filling out the wrong address for the defendant

When applying for a bail bond, the defendant must fill out several forms. They must be highly vigilant in filling out the correct address for the defendant when posting bail. If you make a mistake at this point, the bond stands revoked, and all the bond money is lost. The defendant also gets portrayed as unreliable and untruthful in a court of law. You may avoid it by writing the correct address with minimal legibility errors.

Getting arrested while out on bail

When allowed out of custody, it is vital to avoid getting arrested again. If caught doing something illegal, when out on bail, the bail ends up revoked, and the defendant is also no longer allowed to leave custody. They have to wait in jail until the next court date. The bail bond money also ends up being wasted entirely.

Traveling when out on bail

You may follow the rules and regulations when being allowed out of custody on bail. While some people have travel restrictions imposed upon them, others might have a restriction on the people they are entitled to meet. It is necessary to follow the rules and regulations diligently without fail. Even if it is okay for the said party to travel, one must remember to inform their bail bond agent.

Missing the court date

If the defendant fails to show up at the court date, for any reason whatsoever, the entire bail bond money stands forfeited to the court, and the judge in charge is also inclined to view the defendant as unreliable. Resulting in more extended jail custody or an even worse sentence.

The mistakes mentioned above are, however, relatively easy to avoid. After all, the bail bond agents and the court system are reasonable, logical human beings. If unforeseen circumstances arise because you miss a court date, do not worry and inform the bond agent as soon as possible. Lies, deception, and deceit are the problem; it is simple and easy to secure release when honest and truthful.

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