Baby Names Banned Around The World And The Hilarious Reasons

When it comes to naming your baby, you want to choose something that is unique and special. But did you know that there are some names that are banned around the world? Yes, it’s true! In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the funniest baby names that have been banned in various countries. You won’t believe some of the reasons why these names were outlawed! So sit back and enjoy this hilarious list of baby names that were banned for ridiculous reasons!


Nutella is actually a popular baby name in the United States. But did you know that this name is actually banned in France? That’s right, the French government has outlawed the use of this name for babies. The reason why is because they believe that it could lead to bullying and teasing later on in life. Pretty considerate of them, isn’t it?


Another funny baby name that has been banned is “Facebook.” Yes, you read that correctly. In Italy, the name “Facebook” is not allowed to be used as a baby name. The reason given by Italian officials is that it could lead to confusion later on in life when kids are trying to find each other online. We’re not sure if this is a valid reason, but we guess it makes sense in a way!


Back to lovely France. In this country, the name “Fraise” is not allowed to be used for babies. Why, you ask? Well, it turns out the word is a colloquialism for the posterior, as it were. So, basically, the French government doesn’t want parents naming their babies after butts, even if that means strawberries are discriminated against.


If you’re a Street Fighter fan that heads over to Japan, you might be out of luck. You can not name your child Akuma after the popular Street Fighter character. The reason is that the meaning of the name is “devil” in Japanese. Unfortunately, the character’s Japanese name, “Gouki” is way less cool. Maybe you can settle for Ryu?


Why do parents sometimes hate their children? Who knows. But in Sweden, there was an attempt to name a child this. The parents were trying to make a political statement about the naming system in Sweden at the time. However, they were not successful and the government did not allow it.


In Portugal, the name Gesher is not allowed. Why? Well, it turns out that Gesher is the Portuguese word for “bridge.” And apparently, officials believe that it would be too much of a burden for the child to have a name that could be confused with a common noun. Gesher is actually a pretty popular name in Israel, so we’re not sure why Portugal has such a problem with it!

Prince William

Here’s France being protective again. A pair of French parents really tried to name their child “Prince William.” But alas, the government would not allow it. As with Nutella, they believed the poor child would grow up to be teased and bullied because of his name. Unfortunately, no one knows. Maybe the child would have been treated like royalty!


This one comes with a happy ending. Parents in Sweden tried to name their child Metallica after the popular heavy metal band. But at first, the government would not allow it. However, after a lengthy legal battle, the parents finally won, and their son was officially named Metallica. Rock on, little dude.


Alas, some parents are not so fortunate. Parents in Sweden tried to name their child IKEA after the popular Swedish furniture store, but the government was not having it, and they quickly shut down that request. Sadly, or perhaps, fortunately, this one pretty much ended in failure. Oh well. Maybe “Home Depot” is available?


Finally, we have the name “Saint.” In New Zealand, this name is not allowed to be used for babies. Allegedly, it’s confusing and misleading to name children after something resembling an official title. So, if you’re looking to name your child something official-sounding, you might want to try a different country!

So there you have it, a list of baby names that are banned around the world. We hope you enjoyed reading about these ridiculous reasons, and we hope you find a name for your little one that you love! Thanks for reading!

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