Top 5 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories In UK Homes

For UK residents shopping for the best bathroom accessories, the focus is on designs that have a contemporary look. At the same time, they do not compromise on comfort and sustainability.

But some homeowners prefer the vintage or traditional look to match the décor of their homes. To achieve a contemporary or traditional look, customers shop around a great deal.

There are several considerations like matching the taps to the towel stand, finding the right soap dispenser, dish, and more.

With a few chosen accessories you can ensure your bathroom is trendy, comfortable, and elegant. Our bathroom décor experts have listed 7 must-have bathroom items that will keep your bathroom up-to-date and fantastic to look at.

1. Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers provide multiple benefits. They prevent the wastage of soap by controlling the amount dispensed. You can find the dispensers in elegant shapes making them a great addition to your bathroom.

Smart dispensers are present that operate hands-free. A sensor in the dispenser automatically squirts soap liquid when you place your hand near the nozzle.

While you shop for the right dispenser make sure the items you buy match the décor properly. Using matching accessories will give the bathroom a consistent look. The ideal way is to shop bathroom products in the UK at places like Letta London that feature all bathroom accessories. You can complete the entire bathroom décor at the highest quality and affordable deals.

2. Towel Holders

Whether it is the master bath or the one in the guest room, a towel ring is a necessary accessory to have. It can be placed adjacent to the wash basin. There are sleek-looking models made of chrome metal, stainless steel, and more.

Towel rails provide a decorative and functional element. You can find them in different styles making it easy to find one that matches the other accessories and the overall décor.

If you place the towel ring or rail on the rear part of the door, make sure the rail or ring does not touch the wall when the door is in a full-open position. A doorstop can prevent the door from opening to its full width and hitting the wall.

3. Bathroom Mat

A wet bathroom floor can cause untoward mishaps. To prevent any accident due to a slippery floor, a proper bath mat is essential. While shopping for a bathmat, you need to look for comfort, functionality, and style.

You can find highly absorbent foam mats with firm backing that is slip-resistant. Look for machine washable mats so maintenance is not a chore. You can clean them and keep the bathroom clean and dry. Cotton mats are highly absorbent and soft.

Mats made of natural fibre also are good at absorbing water. Some people prefer synthetic mats as they dry quickly and are easy to wash.

4. Bathroom Shelves

Storage space is a key factor in the bathroom. Shelves are a vital addition to any bathroom. You can place them above the sink for storing toothbrushes, creams, and more. Shelves in other parts of the bathroom help to store towels and other bathroom essentials. The shelves can be made of glass for placement inside the shower.

Or, they can be of a freestanding ladder type that you can wall mount. You can find the shelves in different colours, materials, and designs. Modern shelves are available in chrome or stainless-steel finish. Traditional shelves made of wood or classic white storage cabinets are also available to choose from.

With the right design and material, the shelves improve the décor and provide a stylish look to the room. You can find traditional and modern designs to choose from as per your specific décor.

5. Bathroom Lighting

There are different types of lighting you can choose for your bathroom. Lights for the shower, mirror, ceiling, and walls can be found.

Wall lights placed beside the mirror or on other walls of the bathroom provide good lighting and functionality. Overhead lights improve the overall appearance of the room by illuminating it all around.

Installing lights in the shower will help you enjoy your shower more. Lights placed above the bathroom mirror are another important addition. Choosing stylish and unique-looking lighting fixtures will ensure the décor appears outstanding.

Final thoughts

Besides the main fixtures like the bathtub, shower, and wash basin, the other additions play a vital role in the décor. The items you choose will reflect your taste and improve the usability of the room. Further, the accessories available now are of various types and styles making it overwhelming to choose from them.

Our list of must-have accessories will help you choose the right items that complement the overall décor. With the right addition, you can create a classy and highly relaxing atmosphere for your bathroom. Many online sites offer good deals on bathroom products. Make sure to compare the prices, so you can get the best deals on the items you buy.

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