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The Beauty Trends We Can Expect to See Taking Over 2023

As we draw nearer, slowly but surely, to the end of another year, the question on every beauty fan’s mind is, which trends will go, which will stay, and which new ones can we expect to see as we wend our way into 2023? Well, to save you hours of research and browsing Pinterest, we’ve got a list of the ones we think will most definitely be hanging tough into the new year, and the fresh trends that will be popping up as the year starts to progress.

When you shop beauty products in all the exciting holiday sales that are no doubt either about to arrive or already sending beauty fans into a frenzy, we want you to shop for the right items! Take a look at our hot list for some inspiration to fuel your festive spending.

Tinted sunscreen

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: sunscreen is your best friend! AND yes, even if it’s currently snowing where you are, you need to wear sunscreen every day, whether you’re inside or outside. While sunscreen as part of a beauty regimine is not exactly news, we’re seeing more and more beauty lovers and skincare experts turning to tinted sunscreen as an alternative for using both sunscreen and foundation or BB cream.

These tints are usually minimal coverage, ideal for the customer who likes to keep it light and fresh in terms of how many products they use on a daily basis, and the amount of coverage that they opt for. There are a range of colors and SPF options; there’s something for every skin type and protection level.

Long layers

The harsh, blunt hair trends that have graced magazine covers for the last few years are phasing out in favor of more natural-looking long layers. Celebrity hairstylists are already reporting a massive upturn in requests for soft, fluffed out layers. Key products for styling this look are going to be full-hold and wet-look mousse.

Blush draping

Our love affair with blush is a tale as old as time, but these days blush is morphing into more than a little color in your cheeks. A new technique known as blush draping sees all kinds of blush–creams, powders, sticks, natural and bold colors, sparkly and matte–now being swept over a far larger area of the face than before.

This trend was huge in the late seventies and the eighties, and now it’s making a comeback. The blush is swept from your cheekbone upwards over your temple in a C shape. It’s bright, it’s bold, and it gives your face a lift.

Wet-look everything

Say hello to an old friend from the nineties: that’s right, wet look everything is back for round two. Wet-look hair gels that have been conspicuously absent from the shelves for the past three decades are now back in force. Highlighters are applied to the cheekbones, tip of nose, Cupid’s bow, orbital bones, and inner corners of eyes to give the face a dewy look.

Lipgloss is drizzled like honey over lips for a slick pout, and eye glosses that shine just like lipgloss are swiped across lids. If you look like you’ve just climbed out of the pool, you’ve gone too far!

Invisible eyeliner

Though this seems more than a little puzzling at first glance, invisible eyeliner has been catching eyes all season long and it will definitely be around in 2023. The trend involves employing negative space as light liner.

Apply all your serums and foundation, then use your eyeshadow and a very steady hand (a stencil will suffice if you don’t have one of those available) to shade the areas around the shape where pencil or gel eyeliner would usually sit. The result is an inverted, sheer skin shape as liner and color all around it for contrast. Très chic.

Milky nails

Though the idea of a non-opaque manicure is hardly new, the milky manicure recently popularized by Hailey Bieber is the newest wave in this fun nail trend. The trend will work with any color other than black and similar colors. Neons, pastels, primaries: whatever your preference, a milky set of nails will look soft and flattering, and grow out well. The wash of color never fails to charm.

Clean beauty

Above all, clean beauty will step further to the fore in 2023. Beauty fans are no longer okay with brands that don’t devote serious time, research, and consideration to the long-term environmental impact of their product and production, and brands who still test on animals are seeing more and more pressure to change that outdated tactic, and fast. The formulas that are selling are the ones that are good for the body and the planet.

Wrap up

Keep this list open in your browser as you surf through all the exciting seasonal specials that are going to be tempting you this season and you won’t go wrong!

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