The Benefits of Supporting Small Businesses

Over the past couple of years, small businesses have been hit hard. Since January 2020, numerous small businesses have had to shut down due to nationwide lockdowns and a general shift towards online services.

Despite the lifting of lockdowns and restrictions, many small businesses are still struggling to make ends meet. These stores often don’t have the resources to compete with large chains, especially ones that offer online ordering and delivery. Small establishments can only struggle for so long before having to close their doors permanently.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By making small changes in your shopping routines, you can help support your local economy, find new and exciting products, and even create meaningful connections in your community.

The Effects of Making the Switch

Many people find themselves hesitant to impose change on their everyday lives. This is especially true if they are already comfortable and confident in their routines. Some even believe that switching doesn’t matter at all, and their small actions won’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things. But this is simply not true.

Many of your choices that go towards supporting small businesses have a huge and lasting impact. Going to a local cafe instead of Starbucks, a mom-and-pop grocery store instead of a large chain, or even stopping by a local bookstore instead of purchasing e-books from Amazon can benefit both the store owners and you. Let’s break down exactly what you can expect from making this kind of switch.

Growing Local Job Opportunities

To say the job market has become complicated these past few years would be a monumental understatement. Between the Great Resignation and a potential recession, finding a satisfying, high-quality job has become increasingly difficult. Simply put, many places don’t have enough positions to go around, and people are suffering because of this.

Small businesses are facing the most brutal blows, most needing to cut down on staff to not shut down entirely. By showing your support or recommending local businesses to others, you can increase their revenue and requirements for more workers. These new job openings will boost your local economy, bettering countless people all around you.

New Products

Going to these businesses won’t just benefit the local economy. By shopping at mom-and-pop stores, you can find unique products that are not widely available in regular retail chains. These can include specialty food products, local author’s books, custom and distinct clothing; you name it!

You can even find replacement products for things you already regularly use. For example, Louisiana Pantry offers many high-quality groceries and household products, such as their Glamorous Wash Laundry Detergent. By making a change as simple as switching laundry detergents, you can discover a whole new line of unique products that you enjoy and love.


Strong feelings of isolation have been ever present as of late for many people across the world. After having to stay inside for so long, it can be daunting to discover new social settings. But local stores, cafes, restaurants, and even grocery stores are the perfect solution!

Plenty of small businesses host local events, such as open mic nights, book readings, or contests. If you are on the shyer side, these types of occasions offer an excellent way to meet new people of similar interests. Whether attending or volunteering at these events, you are practically guaranteed to make a few positive and lasting connections.

In addition, there’s also the amazing feeling of becoming a regular at these types of stores. Local spots are often much more personable than chain places, thus making you feel like an essential part of the business. The connections you make could very well be with the workers at these stores.

The Consensus

Shopping small has countless benefits. From creating jobs to building friendships, you can’t go wrong with supporting your local businesses. And who knows, you may just discover your new favorite spot in town!

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