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7 Best Fireproof Safes for Cash: Read Before You Buy

The best fireproof safes for cash will come in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs, but they all will be able to withstand high temperatures while maintaining a reasonable temperature inside. These fireproof safes may also have dividers if they are large, or varying mechanisms for keeping them closed.

Weight is often a factor when it comes to fireproof safes, and if you want to keep your cash secure, you may want to opt for a heavier safe and plan on not moving it from one location. Most of these safes are made from plastic or similar materials and feature flat locks, special zippers, and velcro. It’s vital to remember that fireproof safes are not ultra-secure, but feature designs to protect your valuables during a fire.

1. Best Budget Option: SentrySafe 0500 Fireproof Box

The SentrySafe 0500 Fireproof box looks like a plain black plastic box with a keyhole in the top locking it shut, but it’s a UL classified product with the ability to stand up to temperatures of 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for up to half an hour.

This fireproof box is large enough to hold objects such as documents and small valuables and measures 12.2 inches wide by 10.3 inches deep, and 6.1 inches high. The flat key lock on the top secures the box and prevents it from opening during a fire, and this box comes with two keys.

The fireproof box also features two built-in grips that make carrying it or transporting it more comfortable. The exterior of the box is even textured and has a total capacity of 0.15 cubic feet. This SentrySafe firebox is ETL Verified, which confirms that it can protect media like DVDs, USBs, and CDs from damage during a fire.


  • 15 cubic foot capacity
  • Built-in handles for easy carrying
  • Suitable for protecting digital media like CDs, USBs, and DVDs
  • UL Classified to withstand high temperatures for half an hour


  • The lock is easy to pick
  • Heavy
  • Won’t protect all plastic objects or those that melt at 350 degrees F or higher

2. Best for All-Purpose Use: SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Box

The SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Box is a more substantial option that can withstand 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for up to half an hour and is UL Classified. This larger fireproof box measures 15.3 inches wide by 12.1 inches deep and 13.6 inches in height.

The UL Classification ensures that the objects inside the box won’t experience temperatures over 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but this may be hot enough to melt some plastics. However, this fireproof box is also ETL Verified, which makes it suitable for storing digital media such as DVDs, CDs, and USBs.

This fireproof box is large enough to accommodate full-sized documents and hanging files for easy organization and storage of different items. There is also a flatlock on the front of the box that keeps it secure, and two keys come in the package.


  • Large enough to hold full-sized files and hanging file folders
  • Flat keyed lock on the front for security
  • ETL Verified to protect digital media such as USBs, DVDs, and CDs
  • UL Certified to withstand 1550 degree Fahrenheit temperatures for up to 30 minutes


  • The flat keyed lock is easy to pick
  • No handles
  • No internal compartments or dividers included

3. Best Space Saving Option: SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box

The SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box is one of the best fireproof safes for cash thanks to its moderate sizing and convenient carrying handle. This fireproof box is also UL classified and can endure 1550 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures for thirty minutes. This protection can prevent the paper from burning, and thanks to the ETL Verification, it can also protect digital media.

You can store DVDs, CDs, and USBs in this fireproof box without fear of them melting in a fire, and there’s a flat keyed lock to help secure the top in place. The exterior of this box is textured, and the dimensions are 14.3 inches wide, by 11.2 inches deep, and 6.1 inches high. The total interior space is 0.18 cubic feet, and the whole unit weighs 13 pounds.

For the best protection, you’ll want to store this box with the feet touching the floor, and with the lid closed and locked in place. The front plate of the box where the handle sits should face forwards and not upwards.


  • ETL Verified, and UL Classified
  • Excellent for protecting documents, DVDs, CDs, and USBs
  • A sturdy carrying handle
  • Flat keyed lock with two keys


  • Keyed locks are not very secure
  • Not water-resistant like other fireproof boxes

4. Best Value: ROLOWAY Large Fireproof Bag

If you are in search of the best fireproof safes for cash that aren’t a solid shape, then the Roloway large fireproof bag is an excellent option and comes with a small accessory pouch for smaller valuables such as jewelry, digital media, and cash.

This bag is large enough to hold modestly sized three-ring binders and features a waterproof zipper and extra secure top that latches with velcro. This bag features multiple layers of silicone and insulation that protect against fire and water, so your documents, digital media, and other valuables remain safe and undamaged.

The zippers on this bag can accommodate a padlock for added security, and there’s a convenient carrying handle on the top in addition to the cross-body style strap. The materials used for this bag are non-itchy and can withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Flexible body with multiple carrying points
  • Comes with an accessory pouch for smaller items
  • Large enough to handle laptops, three-ring binders, full-sized documents and files
  • Foldable when not in use


  • A stiff zipper makes putting objects in the bag challenging
  • Water-resistant, not waterproof

5. Best For Transport: BLOKKD Fireproof Document Bags

The Blokkd Fireproof Document bag is one of the best fireproof safes for cash thanks to the multiple storage pockets on the bag that make stashing smaller items easy. This fireproof document bag measures 16 inches wide by 5 inches deep by 13 inches high, and there are three smaller pockets on the back of the pack.

This fireproof bag can expand to up to 7 inches deep and features non-itchy materials and both a carrying handle and a cross-body strap. This bag is rated to withstand temperatures up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit and complies with UL 94V-0 Standard for Safety Tests that check for flammability.

This bag also has a sturdy metal zipper and an additional velcro flap for added security. The zipper accommodates a padlock for a locking fit, and the silicone-coated material used features fiberglass, which is both lightweight and robust.


  • Sturdy materials used
  • Locking zippers and added velcro for security
  • Comes in two colors: black and grey
  • Convenient carrying handles
  • Large enough for full-sized documents, laptops, and three-ring binders


  • Metal zipper is not waterproof, maybe water resistant
  • Exterior pocket zippers can’t lock with a padlock

6. Best Lightweight Option: Thomas & Bond Lightweight Fireproof Safe

The Thomas & Bond LIghtweight Fireproof safe is a versatile, soft-sided box that can be one of the best fireproof safes for cash, documents, and other larger items. This fireproof safe features a convenient carrying handle on the top and measures 13.5 inches wide by 11 inches deep and 10 inches tall.

The top of this fireproof safe features both a locking zipper and velcro, and some accessories accommodate this safe such as a file storage box. This fireproof safe can also collapse for secure storage or for protecting oddly shaped items.

The material that makes up this bag is a combination of fiberglass materials and non-itchy silicone that makes it both fireproof and water-resistant. This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and has an internal capacity of 0.77 cubic feet.


  • Large size provides plenty of room for full-sized documents, laptops, and other objects
  • Foldable and flexible sides for secure storage or holding oddly shaped items
  • Convenient carrying handle on top
  • Locking zippers and velcro for securing the top


  • Water-resistant but not waterproof
  • No cross-body strap for carrying

7. Best Envelope Design: Blue Power Fireproof Document Bag

The Blue Power Fireproof Document bag is the size of a large envelope at 15 inches by 11 inches and is one of the best fireproof safes for cash and other smaller items. If you have a few documents you want to protect, some spare money, passports, and jewelry but don’t have much space, this bag is an ideal option.

This fireproof document bag is lightweight and flexible, with flame retardant thread, a fireproof zipper, and a small loop that fits around the finger. This product comes with a one year warranty and is also waterproof.


  • Fireproof and waterproof
  • Flexible and easy to store
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Made from non-itchy silicone and fiberglass material


  • Not ideal for more substantial objects, or thick binders
  • Thread is only flame retardant not fireproof

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