7 Best Vacuum Sealer Machines That’ll Make Your Food Last Longer

While it’s not unusual for people to freeze meat or veggies that they have on hand, preserving any kind of food for long periods can be tricky. In a regular package or container, most foods are subject to freezer burn, which can make them inedible. For this reason, plenty of people choose to use a vacuum sealer to keep it fresh and eliminate freezer burn.

However, finding the right vacuum sealer can be difficult. Not all sealers are high-quality, and they can’t always preserve your food for as long as you need. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list below of the best food savers to help simplify the buying process:

1.  Best Freshness: FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer

One of the major aspects of a vacuum sealer is how long it’s able to keep food fresh. Some sealers might only be able to preserve veggies or meats for a couple of months, which might not be as long as some people need. Fortunately, that isn’t an issue with the FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer. Not only can this sealer preserve meat for up to three years, but it can also help ensure that meat doesn’t lose its original flavor or nutrients.

Produce or leftovers that might’ve spoiled in a couple of days can usually last up to weeks with this sealer. To operate the sealer, you don’t even need to press a button. The automatic bag detection system will recognize the bag you put in the sealer and begin operating on its own.

It’s also worth noting that this sealer has been tested in Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories (NRTL) and meets the safety standards that it should.


  • Safety tested
  • Keeps meat fresh for up to three years
  • Has an automatic bag detection system
  • Comes with a five-year limited warranty


  • Not as portable
  • Can take a long time to seal each bag

2.  Best Value: Mueller Vacuum Sealer

Although some people might only freeze one or two items at a time, many people often seal their meat or veggies all at once. If your sealer doesn’t work quickly, this process can be time-consuming and take even hours to complete. Fortunately, that isn’t an issue with the Mueller Vacuum Sealer.

As a fully automatic vacuum sealer, all you need to do is plug it into a wall outlet and press one of the digital buttons on the top of the machine to begin. Depending on the type of food you want to seal, there are two different modes that you can pick from. If you’re looking to seal solid foods, you can pick the dry setting, and use the moist setting for leftovers that might already be steamed or poached.

In comparison to packages or zip-lock baggies, the Mueller Vacuum Sealer can preserve your leftovers or food for up to five times longer.


  • Preserves food for up to five times longer
  • Dual modes
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick


  • Might not be as durable as some options
  • Doesn’t come with a bag cutter

3.  Best Versatility: GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine

While vacuum sealers are usually designed to prevent freezer burns, not all of the best food savers are able to completely eliminate the issue. The GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine, however, takes specific steps to ensure the risk of freezer burn is incredibly low. By using specially designed bags, the layers of material are able to keep air out much better.

Another perk of this sealer is its versatility. Some vacuum sealers might only be able to preserve meat or certain types of vegetables, but this product includes two sealing modes for more variety. The mode you pick often depends on the specific type of food you’re trying to seal.

When you want to clean the machine, all you need to do is take the upper lid off. Not only is it designed to slide off easily, but the vacuum sealer doesn’t usually need to be cleaned after every use either.


  • Allows you to seal a larger variety of foods
  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly design makes it easy to operate
  • Lower risk of freezer burn


  • Requires a specific type of bag
  • Can take a significant amount of force to lock the sealer

4.  Best User-Friendly Choice: Joerid Upgraded Vacuum Food Sealer

The best food savers don’t just preserve your leftovers well. They’re also usually easy to operate so that buyers can get the most out of their machines. There are two different modes to pick from with this sealer. While the “normal” dry mode is meant for raw meat or vegetables, anything that’s already been cooked or steamed will usually need the “gentle” moist mode for more protection. There’s also a stop function, which can help control the amount of pressure the vacuum uses.

As far as safety measures go, there is a safety lock that buyers can use to make sure the sealer stays locked while it’s sealing food. Without a safety lock, the machine might not close all the way, and air or water could easily enter the bag. Over time, this issue can result in freezer burn or cause leftovers to spoil quicker.

Some users might also appreciate that this sealer is designed to operate more quietly than some other choices. The vibrations might not be as distracting while you’re waiting for the sealer to do its job.


  • Not as noisy
  • Includes multiple modes for more variety
  • Preserves leftovers up to seven times as long
  • Has a safety lock


  • Not as lightweight as some options
  • Might not be as durable

5.  Best Design: KOIOS Vacuum Food Sealer Machine

A food saver that has a poor design might be difficult to operate or not as durable as some other options. Luckily, that’s not the case with the KOIOS Vacuum Food Sealer Machine. With the ability to preserve your food for up to seven times longer, this sealer is designed for freshness.

One interesting feature is that it’s also temperature resistant. The bottom pad of the machine has a strip that can withstand temperatures up to 300-degrees. While you probably won’t need to place your food sealer on hot surfaces all the time, it’s good to know what will damage it (and what won’t).

Since plenty of foods might work better with customized bags, the built-in bag cutter will customize them for you to help prevent waste. Along with purchasing the sealer, it’s worth noting that buyers will also receive a replacement sealing sponge, pumping pipe, and ten special bags that are ready to be used.


  • Great design
  • Temperature resistant
  • Has a built-in bag cutter
  • Can preserve food up to seven times longer


  • Can be bulky
  • Can only seal up to thirty bags at one time

6.  Best Lightweight Option: Lincom Tech Vacuum Sealer Machine

Although most vacuum sealers weigh less than ten pounds, not all of them are incredibly portable. Some of them might be difficult to try and transport for a road trip or even move around the house. Luckily, that isn’t an issue with the lightweight Lincom Tech Vacuum Sealer Machine. Not only does the sleek, lightweight design make it much easier to transport, but this sealer has a few other advantages as well.

While most sealers are only meant to be used with food, this one has a little bit more versatility. If you need to protect important papers or certain creams or bottles from moisture or developing mildew, you can seal them using the machine.

To make sure the bag gets sealed correctly and there’s less risk for freezer burn, there’s a sealing foam gasket inside the vacuum chamber.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Foam gasket inside of vacuum chamber decreases risk of freezer burn
  • Can be used with more than just food products
  • Sleek design


  • Might need to replace foam strip once it gets old
  • Might not be as durable

7.  Best Performance: Geloo Vacuum Sealer

Plenty of vacuum sealers might have useful features or interesting perks, but when it comes down to it, performance is one of the top priorities. If your vacuum sealer can’t perform well or takes hours to seal a few bags, you could end up feeling as if you wasted your money. Fortunately, performance is one thing the Geloo Vacuum Sealer does well.

With dual modes, you can make sure that the food is sealed correctly. Items that have been already cooked or simmered might need the gentler “moist” mode while the “dry” mode works better for raw meats and vegetables. If you’re working with something delicate, such as bread, you can turn the automatic setting off and manually seal the bag yourself.

Besides sealing food quickly, this vacuum sealer can even be used to protect certain household items from developing mildew or collecting dust over the years.

It’s worth noting that with the purchase of this sealer, the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee if customers aren’t happy with the product.


  • Better performance
  • Versatile
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Safety-certified


  • Not as lightweight
  • Can’t reuse any of the sealing bags
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