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Buyer’s Guide: The 7 Best Jackhammers of 2020

When you find yourself in need of a jackhammer, the last thing you want is to choose one that isn’t powerful enough for the job or lacking in helpful features. Our list of jackhammers provides options for every budget, and although this isn’t the most commonly found item in your garage, you’ll save valuable time by having the right tool for the job at hand.

Having the right tool also ensures that you’ll be safer and that the machine can more effectively work for you, which can prevent unnecessary damage and other hazards. Demolition work may also require a jackhammer to be versatile, so it is efficient in different use cases, and this robust tool is essential for breaking up concrete, asphalt, and rock.

1. Best Overall: Bosch 120-Volt 1-1/8 Brute Breaker Hammer

Bosch is known for manufacturing powerful tools, and their Brute Breaker Hammer is no exception. This jackhammer offers Active Vibration Control with an air cushion built into the hammer. The hand grips are also more ergonomic and feature shock absorption while also enhancing the control the user has while running this tool.

This jackhammer is very powerful, with up to 35-foot pounds of force and a total weight of just 63 pounds. This distribution is an excellent ratio of power to weight that makes this hammer tough and easy to use for prolonged periods. The Brute Breaker Hammer also has a Service Minder Brush System that shuts off the device when maintenance is required.


  • Shuts off when it needs maintenance so you can focus on what you’re doing
  • Shock absorbing handles
  • Grease packed gear box for increased durability
  • Includes a cart for easy transportation


  • Expensive compared to competitor models
  • Includes two shank bits but no other accessories

2. Best Budget Option: XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Electric Jackhammer

The XtremepowerUS Electric Jackhammer has 2200 watts of power and a bright red exterior for the best visibility. This jackhammer requires two hands to operate and features other components in the kit, such as safety goggles, gloves, respirator, and a second shank bit.

The shank bits incl1500uded are flat, or bull pointed, and this jackhammer can accept any hex shank bits with a diameter of 1 ⅛ inch. The shank bits move at 1800 BPM, and this tool gets power from traditional residential sources with no need for any fancy adaptors.

This jackhammer is our budget pick as it packs a decent amount of power and is relatively lightweight and inexpensive. There are other kits available online that include this jackhammer, and they come equipped with other accessories like additional bits, a shovel, and an asphalt cutter.


  • Kit includes two hex shank bits, gloves, goggles, and some other assorted parts
  • Comes with a rugged storage case
  • Easily chips materials concrete and creates holes, and trenches
  • The foregrip is adjustable for the best control
  • Surprisingly light for the amount of power it provides


  • Little to no warranty
  • Not ideal for tight spaces
  • Difficult to find replacement parts

3. Best Value: TR Industrial TR89305 Electric Jackhammer

The TR Industrial Electric Jackhammer is one of the best jackhammers powered by electricity, and it packs 44.2-foot-pounds of force. This amount of power is more significant than many of the similar jackhammers available on the market today, and it comes with a very durable rolling case for easy transport.

This jackhammer runs at 1800BPM to break up material faster, and the housing features all metal components, so it’s long-lasting in heavy-duty situations. The power cord is a generous twenty feet long and features a plug with double insulation for added safety. This jackhammer is suitable for use in extreme weather conditions, and it ETL and UL certified for safety.


  • Lightweight at just 35 pounds
  • Includes chisels, safety glass, and gloves
  • 1-year warranty
  • ETL and UL certified


  • Chisels can get jarred in place and need to be released
  • Some units leak oil and require a replacement part (typically under warranty)

4. Best Jackhammer Kit: Bosch 11335K 35-Pound 1-1/8-Inch Jack Hammer Kit

The Bosch 11335K Jackhammer comes in a rugged carrying case with wheels for easy transportation and weighs in at just 35 pounds. This jackhammer is rather light and is easy to use either upright or horizontally for a variety of different applications. You’ll find 22-foot pounds of power with this jackhammer and 1300 BPM.

There is also a service shut off system that turns off the jackhammer when it needs maintenance, and an adjustable holder to make it safer when used in different positions. The auxiliary handle rotates 360 degrees, and with a chisel, the whole unit weighs 38 pounds. Included in this kit is also a tube of grease and a cleaning rag.


  • Compatible with other Bosch accessories such as dust collection
  • Several types of chisels available
  • Lightweight
  • Takes standard 1 ⅛ inch shank chisel bits


  • Expensive
  • Not as powerful as other units of the same weight

5. Best for Small Jobs: XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Electric Jackhammer

The Xtremepower US Heavy-Duty Electric Jackhammer features a kit with accessories like goggles, gloves, a mask, and a second chisel bit. This jackhammer takes the standard 1 ⅛ inch hex shank chisels that are standard with other jackhammers, and this unit runs with conventional residential voltage without the need for an adaptor.

Included with this kit is a carrying case with wheels and a few other small tools and accessories for making adjustments to the machine as needed. The foregrip on this jackhammer is adjustable up to 360 degrees and helps provide extra control for added safety. You can use this jackhammer in a variety of positions thanks to its relatively light weight, and the kit includes one bull point chisel and one flat chisel.


  • Metal and steel housing and parts
  • Provides 2200 watts of power
  • Useful for the demolition of a variety of hard materials
  • Puts out 1800 BPM for efficient material demolition
  • Accepts all 1⅛-inch hex shank chisel bits


  • Slightly larger than other units that provide the same amount of power
  • Heavier than comparable units
  • All black housing that’s not great for visibility

6. Best for Heavy Duty Use: Bosch BH2770VCD 120-Volt Jackhammer

The Bosch Brute Turbo Deluxe jackhammer has several features that make it safer to use than other tools, and increase the comfort for the user. The vibration control system has an air cushion contained in the hammer mechanism that absorbs a bit of the shock as you work but delivers a whopping 43-foot pounds of power.

The ergonomic handle has the power function on the top, so if you lose your grip on the machine, it turns off. There’s also no need for a compressor for this unit as it is fully electric and features a rubber cover for the hammer tube to prevent the cart or tool from falling over. The hammer tube also works to dissipate heat so you can work longer and prolong the life of the machine.

This tool is heavier than some of the competitor models, but it’s ultimately more comfortable for longer sessions where you’ll find different hard materials. This kit also comes with a variety of different chisel bits, including two bull point chisels and two flat chisels. The cart is more ergonomic than other options available and includes storage areas for accessories.


  • An advanced vibration control system
  • Deluxe cart for easy transportation
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Heat dissipation design for longer performance


  • Expensive
  • No adjustable handle
  • Composite materials used may not be as durable
  • Not suitable for horizontal use

7. Best All-Purpose Kit: Mophorn 3600W Electric Demolition Hammer

The Mophorn Electric Demolition jackhammer has several details that allow you to work longer with fewer breaks while also keeping the user comfortable. This jackhammer uses traditional residential voltage but delivers a powerful 3600 watts and 1800 BPM. There’s no compressor required, and it weighs just 42.5 pounds.

The kit for this jackhammer also includes a flat chisel, a bull point chisel, a mask, goggles, gloves, and some select tools. The tools include a pair of carbon brushes, two hex wrenches, and a user manual. This jackhammer is useful either vertically or horizontally, and the forward handle is adjustable for safety and comfort.

This jackhammer is industrial quality and features a cap over the motor area that allows the heat to leave the unit without overheating and burning the operator. You can use this jackhammer for a large variety of hard materials, including stucco, brick, blocks, concrete, tile, foundations, chimney material, and concrete slabs.


  • 3600W of power and 1800 BPM
  • Fully adjustable front handle that moves 360 degrees
  • The kit includes two chisels, a mask, goggles, and gloves
  • Quick assembly and disassembly with included tools
  • Bright orange housing for excellent visibility


  • The lid gets warm with prolonged use
  • Hammer component gets stuck and needs to be released occasionally
  • Maybe a bit heavy for horizontal use

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