7 Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets: Good For Your Kitchen Sink

What comes to mind when you hear the word “luxury?” For some, it may conjure up images of cruises, cocktails, and living the high life, but the Oxford Dictionary defines it a little differently: “a state of great comfort or elegance,” which can be applied to kitchen faucets, too.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you can add a touch of both home-style comfort and magazine-worthy elegance by installing one of the best luxury kitchen faucets on the market. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home—your finishings should serve the dual purpose of creating an atmosphere you love and reflecting your sense of style. While you’re at it, why not add a touch of luxury to your cookware as well? You can do that with Anolon Advanced Home cookware set.

Before you head out to shop for the best luxury kitchen faucets, take a look at these comparisons and choose what would suit your style best. 

1. Best Overall: Kraus KPF-1610SFSMB 

The compact nature of Kraus’s polished design is perfect for residential use. The 180-degree swivel keeps it tight and avoids unnecessary splash. Also, the pulldown spray head can be used to reach further-away spots, if necessary. The Smart Handle design with 90-degree movement allows easy installation and for use in tight spaces where there’s little or no backsplash clearance. 

As well as having no placement restrictions, it’s distinctive and comes with a water-saving aerator, so you’re getting all the good stuff in a neat, compact package. Kraus extends a limited warranty to the purchasers of their products, giving you assurance over its high-quality products.


  • 180-degree swivel for easy sink-filling but less splash. 
  • Pulldown spray head with extended range of motion. 
  • Smart handle design with 90-degree forward rotation for installation in tight places. 
  • 18-inch height optimized for residential use. 


  • Sprayer head is made of plastic, which may not be as durable as the rest of the faucet.

2. Best Touchless: Moen 7185ESRS Brantford 

This faucet may be pricier than other options, but it embodies luxury in both senses of the word—elegance and comfort. Its sophisticated curves make it both safe and fashionable, with no sharp edges that could cause injury. Additionally, four finishing options allow you to find exactly the right match for your decor. 

Depending on which finish you choose, you may have the option of one or two motion sensors for touch-activation. We love this hands-off feature — it’s the height of comfort and is extremely clean and user-friendly when you’re more hands-on with cooking! The Power Clean technology and smooth, secure retractable spray head also make it very easy to wash anything and everything, with minimal fuss.

Moen faucets are built to last, and you’ll be under their lifetime limited warranty should you buy one of these. Should a leak spring up due to wear and tear, Moen will provide replacement parts free of charge. 


  • Sleek, attractive design available in four finishes. 
  • Dual motion sensors for touchless use. 
  • “Power Clean” technology with 50 percent more spray power. 
  • Fits one or three-hole sinks.


  • More expensive than competitors. 
  • Motion sensors may be triggered accidentally. 

3. Most Unique: Arofa A03LY

This luxury faucet is eye-catching and modern, yet still classic. Featuring a mix of smooth curves, sharper lines, and a uniquely-shaped spray head, it makes a luxurious addition to any kitchen. It has two spray modes and a quick pause button to help switch between the two easily. A retractable spray head, 180-degree swivel, and single handle design ensure comfort and usability. 

The Arofa is fantastic if you’re a DIYer who prefers not to get a plumber in. The hoses come pre-installed into the faucet, making it incredibly easy to put everything together, and the included video instructions mean you can hardly go wrong. 


  • Unique, eye-catching design that mixes classic and modern. 
  • Can be easily installed and includes video instructions. 
  • Solid and durable—made from brass. 
  • Spray head pause feature. 


  • Can’t be mounted too close to walls due to the handle action. 
  • Only available in one finish.

4. Best Modern Style: Pfister LG534-LPMS Arkitek

If you want something that doesn’t quite look like your average faucet, the Pfister LG534 could be the one for you. The sharp lines and unusual spray head make this an eye-catching addition to your kitchen.

This range is described as “bold, ultra-modern minimalist,” and its minimalistic approach extends to its water wastage —the faucet design is compliant with the California Energy Commission’s water-efficiency standardsThe fancy design doesn’t sacrifice any practicality, though. It has a fully rotational spout, forward-only handle lever, and comes with an optional deck plate to finish off the fashionable look. 

Pfister offers a Pforever Warranty on all its faucets. Make sure you have your original purchase slip handy!


  • Eye-catching and different from most other faucets. 
  • 360-degree spout swivel.
  • Forward-only handles. 
  • Easy-to-use pull-out spray head. 
  • Toggle switch to change between spray and stream modes. 


  • Flexible supply lines not included. 
  • Price may increase significantly, depending on finish.

5. Best Value For Money: Dalmo DAKF5F 

It can be tough to find a faucet that’s well-priced, looks stylish and offers high-end features. This offering from Dalmo takes the top spot for best value for exactly those reasons.

Although this faucet only comes in one finish (brushed nickel), it’s resistant to oil, water stains, and fingerprints, which is helpful for keeping it clean and shiny. It also meets the NSF standards to ensure water quality, making it safe and hygienic for family use. 

Dalmo utilizes ceramic valve technology, which is another advanced feature that reduces leakage and prolongs the life of the faucet. The cherry on top is the touch-activation feature, which is typically only found on more expensive models. 


  • Great value for a touch-activated faucet. 
  • LED light to indicate low battery. 
  • Resistant to fingerprints and water stains. 
  • Three spray modes—stream, spray and pause. 
  • Touch-activation feature. 


  • Touch activation could be triggered accidentally, leading to water wastage. 
  • The sensor only switches water off after three minutes of no action, which can lead to some wastage.

6. Best Dual Spout: Fapully Contemporary

We recommend the Fapully as it’s not only super stylish and modern, but it’s twice as useful as a single spout. The pulldown sprayer and fixed spout can be used separately or at the same time and can fulfill various purposes. 

The pulldown sprayer is fantastic for cleaning purposes and can be moved around quite freely to get water into any appliance and every corner of your sink. Having a fixed spout is brilliant for quick use, like pouring yourself a glass of water, washing your hands, or wetting a sponge.

This faucet also has a striking contemporary design, which gives a luxury feel, no matter how the rest of your home is designed. This luxury faucet is made of brass underneath its beautiful nickel finish, making it extremely durable

The manufacturer also makes use of ceramic disc tech to make sure the faucet lasts as long as possible. They don’t have many moving parts, are corrosion-resistant and air-tight, and, according to the manufacturer, can survive up to 500,000 open-and-closes! 


  • Unique LED water temperature indicator.
  • Water flow generates the LED’s power. 
  • Easy to use press-handle design. 
  • The sprayer and spout can be used at the same time. 


  • Limited reach on the pulldown spray head.

7. Best Vintage Style: Brienza by Italia, N96718-AC

Your kitchen reflects your tastes, and a vintage style makes for some beautiful, luxurious aesthetics. The design of this faucet is classic old-school, making it an attention-grabbing piece. 

The design is made from sturdy brass and finished with stunning antique copper, which is resistant to scratches, stains, and chemicals. It also rotates fully, has an extended spout for maximum reach without a pull-out spray head, and has beautifully etched hot and cold indicators on the taps. 

Italia Faucets uses ceramic disc valve technology for smooth handle operation and drip-free use. This helps to make its faucets cost-effective as well as pretty, as it reduces the amount of water waste from leaking. 


  • Perfect for vintage-style kitchens. 
  • 360-degree swivel spout. 
  • Includes a unique vegetable side sprayer. 
  • Elegant H and C carvings add to the antique feel. 


  • Doesn’t have a touch-activated function. 
  • No pull-down sprayer means slightly less versatility.


The best luxury kitchen faucets come in many shapes, sizes, and shiny finishes. The one you choose will depend on your style, tastes, and what gives you that happy feeling inside when you use it. 

Whether you’re looking for a touch-activation feature like the Moen, something to catch the eye of your visitors, such as the unique Arofa, or an affordable, yet luxurious, faucet like the Dalmo, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this list.

We can’t ignore the Kraus model as our favorite, though. While it doesn’t hold a classic antique look like some of the others, it oozes luxury and class. With a huge range of colors to choose from, you’re bound to find one to suit your kitchen.

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