The Best, Worst & Neutral Astrological Match for Scorpio Women

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and women born under this sign love to learn about everyone they know. Their curiosity makes them great investigators and always leads them to the bottom of an issue. Intuition runs rampant for Scorpio women, and they are fearless and determined. They will inquire until they get to the bottom of a situation.

As a water sign, Scorpio women are emotional, but they know how to keep it hidden. They are clever, perceptive, intense, and passionate and will let you know what you need to know when they decide you need to know it.

In romance, it is never a good idea to try to trick a Scorpio woman because they will see right through it. If you cross a Scorpio, you had better be ready for the consequences. Read on to learn the best match for Scorpio women.

Best Matches

#1. Capricorn Man

A Capricorn man is one of the best matches for a Scorpio woman. They understand each other well and will be committed to the relationship. Both are hardworking and serious, and they will work together to overcome any problems that arise. They balance each other out, as the Scorpio woman will help the Capricorn man learn to express his feelings, and the Capricorn man will provide stability for the Scorpio woman.

As a couple, these two plan-oriented people will map out goals for their relationship. Luckily, they are both flexible enough to adjust the plans as needed. They share mutual understanding, commitment to the relationship, focus, direction, and balance. They can definitely build a future together.

#2. Pisces Man

These two water signs understand each other well. They are both often misunderstood by other signs, and they will bring out the best in each other. The Pisces man can soften the Scorpio woman with gentleness and kindness, while the Scorpio woman’s strength and commitment gives comfort to the Pisces man.

The strongest areas of compatibility for these two are the Scorpio’s strength and steadfastness and the Pisces’ gentleness and flexibility. They can find genuine love and affection and share a powerful emotional bond. The Scorpio woman has the ability to be compassionate and devoted, but she needs to trust her partner to bring these qualities out. The Pisces man is the ideal match for this.

#3. Cancer Man

Another water sign, Cancer men share the intense emotions of the Scorpio women, and they can connect at a deep level. Cancer men are family oriented and love to take care of their women. On one level, this is an ideal match because the Cancer man is so nurturing, but the Cancer man’s temper can create fireworks when it meets the Scorpio’s sting.

The difficulty with this relationship is that they need to find balance in the chores at home. The Cancer man can end up carrying the load of the work, which can lead to criticism that the Scorpio isn’t holding her weight. Communication and a fair division of household chores are critical to this relationship, as the match strays from traditional gender roles in the home.

These two will have deep loyalty and commitment, a strong almost psychic connection, tenderness, true love, and strong sexual chemistry, and they complement each other well.

#4. Taurus Man

Taurus is the opposite sign for Scorpio, and they pair well together. They give balance to each other, and both share a desire for stability and security. The Taurus man is reliable, and he is committed. He stays calm in intense situations. The Scorpio woman, however, has intense and strong emotions and benefits from the Taurus’ calm demeanor.

The wonderful thing about this match is that a Taurus man provides stability and grounding for a Scorpio woman. The difficulties only come if they take opposing sides on an issue because both are quite stubborn and will be hard pressed to give in. However, the water of the Scorpio will usually wear down the earthy Taurus to resolve the disagreement.

These two share many qualities, including a desire for stability, deep commitment, mutual trust, and sensuality, and his serenity goes well with her powerful personality. In general, these two are very compatible.

Worst Matches

#1. Sagittarius Man

This combination can be troublesome because the Scorpio woman is looking for depth and intensity, while the Sagittarius man craves freedom and independence. The needs of each is incompatible with the other. A Scorpio woman will always want more, and the Sag in this case will feel smothered and stifled. It will only work if they are both willing to compromise.

There are a few points of compatibility, including their brutal honesty. The Sag’s sense of humor and good nature will work for the Scorpio, and her loyalty and stability will make the Sag feel grounded. As long as both people know what they’re in for, this match can work out in the end. The Scorpio will have to give the Sag his space, and the Sag will have to open up and allow intimacy.

#2. Gemini Man

The Scorpio woman and the Gemini man disagree on most of the smaller things in a relationship. For example, Scorpios like to explore conversation topics in depth for long periods of time, whereas Geminis prefer to skip from topic to topic. As Think Aloud writes, a Gemini man doesn’t live by society’s rules. The Scorpio woman will have a lot more to say long after the Gemini man has grown bored.

Although this is one of the worst possible matches for a Scorpio woman, not all hope is lost. If both people are willing to work hard to meet each other’s needs, it is possible. The traits that will give them strength are his communication skills matched with her determination. They are both good negotiators, and if they want it to work, they can find a way.

#3. Libra Man

The turmoil in this relationship comes from their very different values. A Libra man will give up depth to achieve happiness, while the Scorpio woman is not happy without that depth. That said, the Libra man is skillful in making relationships work, and the Scorpio woman is fiercely loyal. If they want to make it work, this can be done.

The key for this couple is to focus on balance. They need to meet in the middle. Libra men like change, whereas Scorpio women want everything consistent and the same, and they have to compromise on this. This is a challenging relationship in so many ways, but if the two of them can strive for honesty and compromise, they can achieve a lasting relationship.

Neutral Matches

#1. Aries Man

At first glance, these two seem to be completely at odds, but they are connected by a common ruler, Mars. This makes them more suited for one another than you would expect. The Aries man and the Scorpio woman have a mutual understanding of one another and mutual respect. These two are more likely to work together on an intellectual project than to end up romantically involved, but if they do, it could last.

They share a willingness to overcome problems and the courage to face difficult times. They are equal in terms of their strength and power, and their traits are complementary. The Aries man will need to be patient because the Scorpio woman doesn’t rush into anything. In the unlikely event that they join together, they will last. This is one pair where the couple can successfully work together as well.

#2. Leo Man

This is a complicated relationship that is full of tension. In spite of that, both are incredibly loyal and determined, so if they choose to be with each other, nothing will get in the way. They share a lot of great qualities, such as chemistry, mutual respect, loyalty, faithfulness, and determination.

Battles and disagreements can last a long time because neither wants to be the first to give in. Any such fight will only be resolved if they decide that their relationship is more valuable than the issue at hand. Regardless of the challenges in this match, these two can have a lasting relationship if they both choose it.

#3. Virgo Man

The Virgo man is an earth sign, and he gets along well with the watery Scorpio woman. They are both serious and understand each other so well that they can communicate without speaking. Both pay attention to details, and they take comfort in finding a partner that shares this quality.

The only struggle is that Virgo men are sometimes more intellectual than a Scorpio desires. She may feel that he doesn’t give proper consideration to her feelings. This can throw off the Virgo man because he has no idea why she is so upset. However, their shared values and mutual caring and respect will allow them to get through these times and have a good relationship.

#4. Scorpio Man

The best thing about this match is that these two will understand each other very well. However, they can lack balance because they get carried away with their feelings. They will fulfill the need for depth and connection, and they can share a very powerful bond. Neither will lack emotional support in the relationship.

The bond between the two Scorpios will keep them together for life, with the only risk being that they need to manage their powerful feelings. However, these two are generally a very happy and healthy couple.

#5. Aquarius Man

This is a complicated relationship that runs into trouble when they disagree. Otherwise, they have a natural equality and balance in their relationship. Both take time to form a serious relationship, but when they do, they are committed. This works well for both.

The determination that each one has is a source of mutual respect and understanding. They are an unusual pair because neither likes to initiate the relationship, but if they take the time to let a relationship form, it will be stable and the bond will be strong.


Scorpio women are curious, intense, and have deep emotions, and they need a partner who is willing to work with them. They expect understanding and want a strong emotional connection. Some signs, such as Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, and Taurus, are best suited as a match, but others in the neutral territory will work as well.

If a Scorpio does choose one of the difficult three, it can still work out as long as both people are willing to compromise and learn how to fulfill each other’s needs. It is important to remember that the Scorpio woman is fiery and intense, so in dating, she should seek the best match for Scorpio women.

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