What Is the Best Second Specialty to Master in 2021

These days, many people have started to consider getting the second specialty. It is easy to see why. Being young, many students didn’t know much about themselves or the world. However, at this age, young people usually go to college and choose their future professions.

Still, choosing a specialty at that age is often a rather difficult decision. Not to mention, the world is changing so rapidly that some old professions are about to go obsolete while new options appear on the job market.

So everyone who is considering taking a second specialty should definitely do it. However, this time, these people have a chance to approach it with more caution and understanding. Using the experience of your first specialty, you can already tell what you’d rather change in your professional life, where you are most good at, and what you’d rather eliminate from your life.

So here is the list of the best second specialties you can master in 2021 and ways to choose the right one for yourself.

Tips for picking the best specialty for yourself

When it comes to looking at the second specialty, you should think twice as hard as you did the first time around. Your second specialty is basically your second chance in life. You want to approach a decision like this with all responsibility and seriousness.

After all, you already have one profession that you are thinking of changing. The next job you pick is better to last you longer than that. So pick it carefully. Here are a few tips that you should consider before making a final decision.

Evaluate your talents

By now, you must already know what your talents are. It means that you can easily name your strengths and weaknesses. Use those when you are picking your next profession. Understanding your talents and how to apply them can make all the difference in the world. You can’t just research which professions are popular right now and blindly pick one of them. You also need to reason why you are choosing a certain specialty.

Distant work

As the past year has shown us, the era of office work may become the thing of the past sooner than later. All employees that could easily adjust to working from home benefited the most from uncertain times like this. Thus, any profession that you can easily do distantly from the comfort of your home can be a great choice.

Any work that can be done remotely can also give you a lot of freedom in the future. You should also consider professions you can do based on freelances like writing speedy paper reviews or things like that to not depend on any employee.

Job market

Last but not least, you have to consider the situation in the job market. See what professions are growing in popularity and which sectors are in high demand for new specialists. Choose a profession of the future, so you will never have to worry about being replaced.

Best professions for 2021

Once you have narrowed down your future work search, you should learn more about the professions of the future. See where you can see yourself in the next five years.

Software developer

Of course, software developers are currently one of the most highly demanded professions on the market. Needless to say, this situation won’t change any time soon. The world will keep digitizing more and more, and you can become a part of that.

VR designer

The future is all about Virtual Reality. There is no denial about it. People are finding numerous methods to apply VR to our everyday lives. It is now used for mental health patients, rehabilitation programs for prisoners, gaming, and so much more.


Education can always be a great choice as the second specialty. Not only because the world will always need educators, but because you already have a skillset from your first profession. Perhaps, you can consider teaching other people about the job you have been doing so far. Being an educator or a professional trainer can be a very rewarding job with lots of personal and professional benefits.

Start a business

Who said you necessarily need a special? You can always start a business on your own. All you need for it is a solid idea, strong will, and sponsors. Starting a business can be a great alternative to what you have been doing before. Besides, you are already old enough to use your network and experience to help your business grow.


More people than ever are seeking professional help and find it in psychotherapy. The need for more psychotherapists is obvious. This profession is growing in popularity every day. Lucky, you can easily become one if you want to. It is a perfect second specialty for those who want to help people.

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