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The Best Vape E-Liquid Flavours for People Who are New To Vaping

Besides pricing, e-liquid buyers should focus on the quality of the ingredients, manufacturing technique, PG/VG ratio, and supplier reputation. The flavor of your e-liquid is also an essential deciding element.

Top-tier e-liquids are made with the finest ingredients to provide a flavorful and satisfying vaping session. But, with a boatload of flavors to pick from, where do you even begin as a newbie?

The Best Vape E-Liquid Flavors To Choose From

If you do not have the time to do your study, we are here to help you. This list of the best-tasting e-liquid tastes for newbies includes many options. If you are after the best possible vaping products on the market, you can shop E-Liquid flavors online on Provape.

Now, let’s see what is on the flavor menu, shall we?


For a good reason, the strawberry flavor is one of the most popular starter-friendly options on the market. With a delicious taste and a fragrant scent, strawberries deliver refreshment and sweetness to the surface.

Strawberry Custard is a standout flavor for combining other tastes into your vapor. If you prefer a hint of strawberry with your daily smoke, you will find the taste remarkable and the sensation pleasant yet efficient.


The raspberry flavor imparts the authentically exquisite aroma of raspberry fruits, often described as sweet, juicy, and strong in scent. Feel free to adjust the vapor taste by mixing chocolate or any other flavor you prefer. It almost sounds like a raspberry pudding, right inside your vapor.

Banana Cream

If you’re looking for a delicious hint of banana, the Banana Cream flavor is a great option to consider. The majority of vaporizer users like this flavor not just because it has an excellent taste but also because it combines well with a variety of fruit and creamy options.


It is impossible to find a more reviving way to inhale vapor than the taste of watermelon found in certain electronic cigarette juices. One of the most incredible flavors for newbie vapor lovers to try is watermelon. The flavor of a freshly sliced red watermelon adds a juicier experience to the vapor and is delivered by the watery fruit that has become synonymous with the summer season.

Watermelon combines nicely with other tastes, such as strawberry, thus creating a reminiscent flavor of strawberry watermelon.

Menthol Tobacco

The taste of menthol tobacco is among the best-tasting e-juice options, and it is one of the most popular and common vape juice flavors. It is available in many variants, all refreshing, cool, and tobacco-scent free. Upon inhaling the e-liquid vapor, you will experience an intense rush of menthol flavor, and your throat will feel cooler – literally and figuratively.


It is essential that every newbie samples the vanilla e-liquid taste. In its unadulterated form, this flavor is a favorite of many who vape because of the creamy and sugary taste it imparts. It is also compatible with various other flavors, and it produces a pure, exotic, and spicy taste.

Choco Peppermint

If you are looking for something that packs a punch both in flavor and intensity, a chocolate mint is a way to go. It’s ideal for delivering a sweet and creamy flavor like chocolate, with a hint of mintiness that refreshes your palate and leaves a tingling sensation on your tongue.

Mixed Fruit

The taste of tutti-fruity, aka mixed fruit, is achieved by combining the flavors of various fruits, citrusy and not. The vape juice flavor is comparable to that of fruit cocktails, although it boasts a taste far more succulent and gratifying to the senses.


Anyone just starting with vaping will enjoy the flavorful marshmallow that is both fluffy and light. Because it has a sugar-dusted covering on the outside and a creamy texture on the inside, it pairs nicely with various tastes, such as chocolate and cereal.


The peach flavor is perfect when you want to keep things simple yet take pleasure in a delicious taste. The taste blends well with aromas that are fragrant and flowery. If you would like to indulge in the essence of white wine, this e-liquid flavor would be the perfect match for your needs.

Bavarian Cream

The Bavarian Cream taste is a superb option if you want something rich and creamy yet more nuanced than vanilla. It also combines well with almost every other flavor.

Choosing the Right E-Liquid Flavour for You: The Verdict

Even though these are some of the top e-liquids on the market, you may still find it challenging to choose a winner. Your e-liquid flavor should be the first factor to consider. Choose the perfect balance of nicotine intensity and vapor output to enjoy a vape.

There is no set formula for determining the best taste, and the proposition is to choose a flavor that suits your palette and personal vaping preferences. After some time, you may discover that the e-liquid you first selected is no longer arousing your tastebuds, which means it is time to switch up the flavor combo.

If you are a cigarette smoker, start with a taste that closely resembles your preferred tobacco flavor. It takes a bit of experimenting to find a perfect suitor for your vaping needs, but given the widespread options, you have many fun opportunities to explore. If you are not used to sweetening or flavoring tobacco, start slow, choose a milder aroma like vanilla, and work your way up.

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