birthday ideas for every woman in your life

Birthday ideas for every woman in your life

It’s important to celebrate the women in your life. From your mum and gran to your partner, the strong women in your life help shape you as a person and strive to become better. Whether it’s your mum’s birthday or your Gran’s special day, there is a great selection of gift ideas that go alongside a birthday card for these strong women in your life. Below, we explore some birthday gift ideas for every woman in your life.


A grand gesture will often go down well with your girlfriend. One of the best options is to organise a romantic trip away: a European city break to Rome, Paris or Budapest can work well. Alternatively, you could set up a candlelit dinner and create her favourite dish. Meanwhile, a picnic is another excellent food-orientated idea. If you’re struggling for ideas though, you could always chat to your girlfriend’s friends for inspiration.


There are plenty of basics that will go down well with your sister. A carefully picked selection of books can make for a thoughtful gift. Meanwhile, pyjamas or plants are both different options that can show that you care. Alternatively, you could think of your sister’s hobbies and pick out a gift that reflects this. But if you’re struggling you could always ask your sister for a wish list.


Flowers and perfume are both classic gift ideas that should go down well with mum. On top of this, handcrafted pottery can make for a thoughtful gift that also carries a practical purpose. Meanwhile, fragrant gifts such as diffusers and soaps will also be appreciated too.

Ultimately though, if you haven’t seen your mum in a long time, one of the best gifts you can offer is just spending some quality time with her on her birthday. Whether it’s a dinner out or a takeaway at home, being there is the most important thing.


Sentimental gifts will often work well for your gran. This could be an ornate copy of one of their favourite novels, or you could find one of their favourite records from years gone by.

Alternatively, you could buy them an experience. These might be tickets to the theatre or the cinema, or you could book them hotel tickets for one of their favourite places. Either way, by showing that you know their passions, you can find your gran a thoughtful gift.

It can sometimes be difficult to come up with the right birthday idea. But if you’re stuck, you can follow this list and ensure you celebrate the women in your life with a thoughtful gift.

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