The Best Brands Of Toaster For Bread

If you’re planning to buy a new bread toaster, then you may want to check out the best brands of toaster for bread.


Breville is a brand of small home appliances that was founded in Australia in 1932. Making bread toasters is one of their specialties. Currently, they’re offering the Die-Cast 2 Slice Toaster. Breville is known for its classic designs and this toaster is a testament to their penchant for a vintage aesthetic.

Thistiaster, however, has all the features of a modern bread toaster. It automatically lowers your toast so there’s no need for you to push a lever. Operating this toaster is as easy as touching a button. As far as results are concerned, it will give you golden brown toasts all the time. It even has extra-wide slots for bagels.


DASH is a relatively new brand of small home appliances but it is enjoying a cult following thanks to clever marketing and attractive and quality products. All of their products look well, including their bread toasters.

For sure, you wouldn’t mind displaying their toaster on your kitchen counter. They have the Clear Vide Toaster, which has a window that allows you to check on the progress of your toasts. It eliminates the need to eject your toast just to see if it’s already done. And one of the best things about this toaster is that it can accommodate a long slice of bread.


If you’ve seen a SMEG appliance then you know how esthetically pleasing they are. The Italian brand is known for blending modern technology with vintage designs. Their appliances look like they came straight from the 50s. SMEG appliances are expensive and this is probably the reason their products are not as popular as they should be.

But if you have money to spend, their products are worth the price. Their 2-Slice Toaster, for example, is probably the best-looking toaster on the market today. And it’s available in different colors. It’s a sturdy and durable toaster that is surprisingly compact.

Revolution Cooking

Revolution Cooking is another relatively new brand of home appliances But this brand focuses solely on bread toasters. The company is on a mission to revolutionize the toaster by changing the heating element. The result is a new kind of toaster that can heat bread faster than a traditional toaster.

Their R180 Toaster is one of the most technologically-advanced toasters available on the market today. It has a touch-screen panel that allows you to choose what kind of bread you’re toasting. You can even choose the level of brownness. The toast also lifts high enough so you won’t get burned. This toaster is on the expensive side but it’s definitely worth it because of the cool features.


Kenwood is a known brand of home appliances that have been around for a long time. One of the reasons for its longevity is because it has consistently produced high-quality products over the years. Kenwood bread toasters are some of the more stylish toasters that you can buy. They come in a range of colors, sizes, and finishes.

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