What Business Intelligence Tools Does My Business Need?

The United States has the world’s largest, most diverse, and most competitive economy in the world. However, around 90 percent of startups fail, which points to the competitive nature of American industry. You must pull all the stops to gain a competitive advantage in a world where only the strongest companies enjoy lasting success.

Knowledge is power, which is why companies all over the globe invest billions of dollars in tools to help them gather and interpret data. Indeed, data science has become a force in the business world, and it’s getting bigger every day.

Big data analytics has become so vital to the business world that it’s given birth to an entire segment of data science called business intelligence (BI). The demand for skilled employees has triggered a lot of good Institutes to offer Power Bi course and get people ready for Job market. The business intelligence industry was valued at over $22 billion in 2020, and with a CAGR of 8.7 percent, it’s expected to reach over $43 billion by 2028.

While those numbers are impressive and provide a snapshot of the growing popularity and importance of business intelligence, they don’t tell you what it is or why your business needs it. So, continue reading to learn more about business intelligence and why it’s a necessary tool in the age of Industry 4.0.

What is business intelligence?

So, what is business intelligence, and what are business intelligence tools? Business intelligence is an umbrella term for the technology, strategies, and systems companies use to gather, process, utilize, and secure business data.

It may surprise you to learn that the term business intelligence has been around since the 1800s, but it’s grown popular in recent years due in large part to the growth of big data analytics. Big data tools are the technology and infrastructures that support the technology that companies use for data processing and other business processes.

A robust business intelligence platform is key to getting and maximizing the insights your company needs to make quicker and better decisions.

Predictive analytics will enable your company to forecast future events

Predictive analytics is arguably the most valuable and exciting of all BI tools. Data scientists create machine learning algorithms that capture real-time and historic data and convert them into predictive models that can forecast future events.

Predictive analytics has countless applications in the business world, and one of its most common use cases predicting demand changes, which enables companies to modify their supply chain strategies accordingly.

Online analytical processing (OLAP) provides valuable insights into customer behavior

Online analytical processing, called OLAP for short, is another invaluable business intelligence solution. OLAP is an analytics platform that acts as a database for businesses from which they can find actionable business information from all over the internet.

E-commerce companies use OLAP to get valuable insights into customer behavior and refine their products and marketing to meet the needs of their target consumers, enhancing the customer experience.

APIs enable developers to quickly and easily create web applications and share data

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are also a powerful BI tool. APIs make it much quicker and simpler for software developers to build web and mobile applications that meet unique customer needs. Furthermore, many online businesses rely on them for data integration and sharing microservices with third-party service providers.

As you can see, there are plenty of use cases for business intelligence. In fact, with companies all over the globe implementing digital transformation, business intelligence has become an essential tool for businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage.

BI tools provide business users with actionable insights that enable them to enhance their customer experience and best practices while increasing their ROI. Indeed, business intelligence is the now and the future of the business world. After all, business intelligence means doing smarter business.

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