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Top Four Cities To Buy A House In Arizona

When people think about buying a home, location is one of the primary considerations. The area must be safe, have essential amenities, and have stable economic growth. For people in Arizona, or those who want to move to Arizona, some of the best places to buy your new home include:


Also known as the City of Sunshine, this city is one of the best places to look for a house in Arizona. Real estate experts have defined buying a home there as making hay while the sun shines, primarily because of its growing economy.

This means that the city is continually growing, which means more jobs for the people there. Because of the growing economy, the real estate in Scottsdale has a solid high appreciation rate.

The economic growth has also increased the number of people moving there, increasing the demand for new homes, which translates to low costs.

Her reason why you should buy a home in Scottsdale is the numerous amenities available. That includes good schools, hospitals, stores, and transportation options.

Scottsdale also has numerous outdoor activities and cool places to visit, suitable for all ages. There are many recreational areas and public parks to bike, swim, and hike. There are also many lakes where you and your family can go to have fun, fish, or waterski.

If you are a person who loves high-end enjoyment places, there are several luxury spas, pools, and resorts where you can relax and catch some fresh air and sunshine.

There are also places like the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and Butterfly Wonderland, where you can take your family for a day out.

For sports fans, there are many local events held at the local stadiums, especially during spring, and the annual Phoenix Waste Management Open for golf fans.

If you are looking for great travel destinations, Scottsdale is close to some of the best. Whether you want to go on a solo vacation, family trip, or romantic getaway, you do not have to travel thousands of miles.

Scottsdale is close to incredible destinations like Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, California, and Mexico, with stunning views and activities.

The weather in Scottsdale is also to live for, with six to seven months of the year being warm and sunny. And although the summer heat can be extreme, many of the homes for sale in Scottsdale have been updated with state-of-the-art windows and cooling systems.

The majority of the people in this city, 32%, are between 25 and 49 years, and around 17% are below 18 years. It also has low crime rates, making it a safe place for you and your family.

As of December 2021, the home prices in Scottsdale went up by 18.8% compared to 2020. The medium selling price for homes was $760,000. Averagely, homes sell after being on the market for only 33 days, compared to around 45 days the previous year.


Tucson is the second most populated city after Phoenix in Arizona and is only two hours away from Phoenix and an hour north of the United states-Mexico border. That has seen the economy in the city grow steadily over the years with a mix of public and private businesses.

Real estate experts have ranked Tucson as one of the hottest real estate markets for 2022, with home sale volumes expected to increase by 14.2%. They have also predicted that prices will rise by around 8.0% during the year.

The Tucson Association of Realtors indicated that the current medium selling price of homes in Tucson is $328,475, a 23.5% increase from the previous year.

According to the Zillow Home Value Index, the value of homes in the city has increased by 29.55 from the previous year. Most houses sell after 17 days in the market compared to 31 last year. These are some of the main reasons this is a perfect time to buy your home in Tucson.

The cost of living in Tucson is also another reason you should buy your home there because it is lower than the national average. That means you pay less for household utilities, gas, and services.

Tucson is a safe place to live, with all the necessary amenities close to you, including hospitals, transportation, stores, water, electricity, and natural gas.

There are also excellent places like the Valley of the Moon, The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, Saguaro National park, Tucson Rodeo Parade, Fox Tucson Theater, Tucson Festival of Books, etc.

The weather in Tucson is mostly hot, with temperatures ranging between 42 degrees F and 102 degrees F. Winter is the best time to be outside because of the sunny and mild weather.


Flagstaff is a small city with around 72,000 people centered around some of the most beautiful physical features, making it a perfect place for you to buy a home. It is the highest point along the entire Route 66 and is where people discovered Pluto and trained for the initial visit to the moon.

The real estate market in Flagstaff is competitive, with houses selling throughout the year. However, the peak season is usually over the summer months. Buying during the low season is better because of lower prices.

Because of the competition, the values of homes keep increasing, which makes this is an excellent place to buy a home if you want to sell it later. The current medium selling price of homes in Flagstaff is $351,600, and the medium rent is $1,265.

Because of its location and geography, there are many great restaurants, hiking, and skiing spots in the city. You will also be a short distance away from the Great Canyon.


According to experts, Buckeye has a livability score of 75%, which makes it a perfect place to live in. With a population of around 66,000 people, Buckeye is among the fastest-growing cities. This means a growing demand for houses in the city and increasing house value.

As of December 2021, the medium selling price of houses in the city was $425,000, which was a 30.3% increase from the previous year.

Buying a home for sale in Buckeye means that you will be close to some of the best schools in the city, hospitals, stores, and transportation. The weather is also warm throughout the year, and the city has low crime rates.

Compared to others cities in Arizona, the cost of living in Buckeye is lower, and there are numerous outdoor activities and attractions. Some include Verrado gold club, Robbins Butte Wildlife REA, Skyline Regional Park, and Desert Botanical garden.

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