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8 Things To Check While Buying A Badge Holder

Badge holders are a great place to keep your ID and other documents. It is convenient to carry around, and it keeps your cards safe. You must have come across a horizontal badge holder to keep your office ID. Though buying a badge holder may not seem like a big deal, it actually is. You have to choose the correct badge holder that doesn’t tear within a few days of use and has enough space to store your cards.

To help you find the best badge holder, here are eight things you need to check while buying a badge holder.

1. Attachments

Badge holders are connected with lanyards so that you can wear them around your neck. These lanyards are connected with the badge holder with various attachments. These attachments make attaching or separating the badge holder from the lanyard easier.

Like lanyards, there are other attachments like a key ring, slot hole, slot, chain holes, clip, carabiner, etc. Make sure you choose a badge holder with the right attachments to carry it around safely without the fear of losing it.

2. Color

Color is an often-overlooked factor when choosing a badge holder. Though the most common colors for badge holders are black and white, many more color choices are available, such as red, green, blue, and orange. You can choose your favorite color from these. If you are looking for a badge holder for an official ID, it would be a good idea to check the colors on the ID, so you buy the badge holder with the same color. It will help you match the colors of your ID and badge holder.

3. Orientation

The orientation of the badge holder must be the same as your ID card. If you have a horizontal ID, as they have for a driving license or debit card, you may consider buying a horizontal badge holder. It will help you to keep all your horizontal cards in one place. Check the orientation of your ID before choosing the badge holder.

4. Insert Size

Insert size determines whether the ID cards can perfectly fit inside the badge holder or not. The badge holder must have enough space to accommodate your ID cards. That’s why you must check the insert size of the badge holder before you make a purchase.

Most badge holders have standard credit card insert sizes. That means you can store cards and IDs shaped like an average credit card. Some other insert sizes are half card and prox card. Prox cards holders are usually made of plastic and have additional space for the cards. On the other hand, half card badge holders can hold only one side of the card firmly, so most of the card is open. It is beneficial for cards with smart chips, making them easier to scan.

5. Rigidity

Rigidity is an essential factor to check. There are two types of badge holders based on their rigidity- rigid and semi-rigid. Rigid badge holders are made of hard plastic or similar material. They are strong and rigid and do not bend or swivel with force. They are perfect options to protect your cards from breaking or scratching.

On the other hand, semi-rigid badge holders are less rigid than rigid badge holders. They are suitable for storing paper cards and other cards that require minimum protection. They are made of plastic sheets and can bend easily.

6. Holding Capacity

On a daily basis, an average office worker commutes to the office, buys coffee and bagels on the way, and enters the office building. During this process, they use various cards for various purchases, such as a subway card for commuting, a debit card to make a purchase, and an office card to enter the office building. It wouldn’t be good to buy separate badge holders for all these cards. It’s best to have one badge holder that can fit multiple cards inside it.

That’s why you must check the holding capacity of the badge holder before the buyer. Some badge holders have a holding capacity of 3. That means you can store 3 cards in them. Some have a holding capacity of 1. You should buy a cardholder that is enough to keep all your cards.

7. Material

The material of the badge holder determines its durability and lifespan. Cardholders are made from a variety of plastics with varying durability. Typical materials for making badge holders are raisin, acetate, polycarbonate, polypropylene, plastic, and nylon. You can choose the material that you think is perfect for the badge holder.

8. Features

It wouldn’t hurt to get some additional features on your cardholders. Many badge holders have various security and accessibility features that allow you to easily access them and protect them from misuse. Features like RFID blocking avoid scanning the credit and debit cards if they are inside the badge. The extractor slides make it easier to insert and extract the card from the cardholder. Some badge holders also have locks to secure the IDs and cards inside.

Buying a badge holder isn’t rocket science. You need to ensure it can store and protect your essential cards and IDs. The above factors will surely help you choose the correct badge holder that suits your needs.

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