Features to Check When Buying Crowd Control Barricades

Barricades are widely used as a crowd control measure in public protests, concerts, or sporting events. The range of people who use these barriers constantly expands with increased awareness about safety issues.

Various barricades are available on the market to provide optimal safety and security for everyone involved. Understanding all aspects is crucial for choosing the most suitable ones.

If you are looking for a crowd control barricade that you can use during your everyday work, then these are the features that you should check.

The Material Used to Make It

Steel is one of the top choices for crowd control barriers. It is because steel bars are sturdy and lightweight, making them portable. However, before purchasing any steel crowd control barricades, you need to look at some specific points about their material.

You have to check whether they have been galvanized against rusting or not, whether they have been powder-coated, which provides durability and resistance against corrosion by chemicals, weather conditions, etc. Viking Rental offers barricade rentals that are galvanized to ensure water resistance in the treated metal area, while powder coating gives them protection against rust and corrosion.

The Quality of The Lock and Latches

Not many people think about checking the locks and latches when buying crowd control barriers, but they play a vital role in the safety and security of everyone involved. You need to check whether it is made from tough steel or any other material that can be broken easily during emergencies like fire or earthquake shocks.

The lock should not jam even if overloaded, which means it needs to be strong enough to withhold pressure. It should also have an emergency release mechanism that lets you open the barrier quickly in case you need to help someone out in a time of an emergency.

Another feature that you should ensure is no sharp edges on the side rails to prevent injuries while moving it.

The Weight of The Barrier

When buying a crowd control barricade, you need to go for those easy to move around. You have to check how much weight each of them can carry to know if they are suitable for your needs or not.

If they are designed to withstand heavy crowds, you need to choose ones with bigger wheels that will make the barrier move smoothly on different surfaces.

Just don’t forget to check their strength and durability before purchasing because an important event is at stake here, and no amount of convenience should come in between security measures and safety measures.

The Size of The Crowd Control Barriers

One thing about the standard sizes is that there is no universal model available in the market regarding crowd control barriers. You need to buy one that best suits your requirements and is adaptable to the space in the area where you place them.

When buying barricades, try to use online calculators, which can help you determine their size based on the number of people expected. It will help save both time and money in the long run.

The Barricade Used

There are three different barricades available for controlling crowds: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent.

Permanent crowd control barriers require permanent fixtures in the ground for stability. Temporary barriers are lightweight and easy to put together. At the same time, semi-permanent types provide more rigidity than required, so they need to be filled up with sandbags or water jugs for better stability.

The Height of The Barriers

The height of crowd control barriers is also an essential factor to be considered. You need to ensure that they provide enough protection without blocking your view.

If you are concerned about security, higher ones may be a better option as they can’t be climbed easily and prevent people from jumping over them. On the other hand, lower ones may be preferred if visibility is a priority because people can still see what’s going on around them clearly without any distractions or obstructions.

The Ease of Maintenance

While considering the price and features of the barricade is crucial, we often forget how easy or difficult it would be to take care of after it is put into use.

You need to know how easily you can clean your crowd control barriers after the event is over, if they are corrosion resistant or not, whether there are rubber tires on them or not, etc.

The Number of Crowd Barriers Required

It is an essential factor that many overlook while buying crowd control barriers. You need to know the exact number of barriers required to buy them without wasting money on additional products.

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