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All You Need To Know Before Buying Garage Floor Mats

Your garage floor might be the most neglected space in your home. The constant wear and tear caused by the spilling liquids from vehicles might have damaged your floor. The cost of getting your floor repaired or completely renovated is too much. The best solution for you would be to buy a garage floor mat

Below is a description of all you need to know before making your decision.

How Is A Garage Floor Mat Used

These mats are designed to catch the liquids that spill and drip from your vehicle. It is laid on the garage floor and its covered surface area is larger than your vehicle. The containment mat can hold water, debris, and dirt. 

You can drive over the mat with your vehicle and let the snowmelt and the dirt fall on the mat. The best part is that it can hold gallons of water in it so you do not have to clean the mat daily. 

What Material Are These Mats Made Of?

They are made of waterproof PVC fabric. This fabric is reinforced by heat sealing it and making it water-tight by binding the seams. This makes the mat stop the water, oil, and other liquids from leaking onto the floor. It also stops the moisture from the ground to reach the items on the mats and so it can be used to store vintage cars.

The shiny side of the fabric should be facing downwards and the dull side should be up. The dull side is less slippery so you should still be careful while stepping on it. 

The industry leader in producing these high-quality garage floor mats is Auto Floor Guard, you should consider looking at their website when surveying the market.

The Important Features of A Containment Mat

The fabric used in this mat is of primary importance because it makes sure that your garage does not get damaged. The water-proofing quality keeps the lubricants from leaking. The fabric is also resistant to the wear and tear caused by your vehicle driving over it hundreds of times. 

The mats have containment edges that are raised then the center of the mat. These edges stop the water that has been collected from spilling out when you drive over with your vehicle. This feature helps in increasing the amount of water that can be held by the mat. The raised edge also makes it easier for you to clean the mat. 

The ‘stay put corners” provided by Auto Floor Guard with their mats stop the mat from sliding. These make sure when you park your vehicle over the mat, the mat does not slide. They help you in avoiding unnecessary mess. It also reduces the chances of injury due to slippery surfaces. 

The user-friendly design of this mat makes it easy to install and remove when you do not need it. It does not require any technical knowledge to install it. All you need to do is to dry the floor and apply some heat using a hairdryer to the mat to make sure that it sticks to the floor.

Maintenance Of These Mats

To ensure that your mat lasts longer you need to make sure that you clean it regularly. The mat can be cleaned with a soft brush or broom. You can also use a squeegee to push the water out. If the mat is slightly dirty you can use a home-use-detergent to clean it. 

If there are oily and other greasy stains then you should give it a proper clean but you should dispose of it according to local rules and regulations. 

The edge of the mat should be placed at the start of the garage so it is easier to remove the water and debris.


If the mat gets torn apart due to some reason, it can be repaired using a patch called “Tear-Aid Type B”. All you need to do is to clean both sides of the mat using rubbing alcohol and after it dries you can patch it up.

How to Get Custom Garage Floor Mats

The specialists at Auto Floor Garage can make you custom floor mats at their factory. All you need is to make sure to get the correct size. The recommended size for your vehicle would be 2 inches long from the dimensions of your vehicle. 

The custom-made mats can be made according to your specifications. The unique thing is that they are hand-made. These mats will not come with the “stay put corners” and they will arrive in 2-3 weeks. 

The Benefits Of Installing Garage Floor Mats

They are time-saving because they ease up the process of cleaning the water from snow melts and the debris that falls from the car. All you need is a squeegee to push the water out of your garage. 

The garage floor remains in pristine condition because now it will be safe from oil leakages and water pools. The mat can also help you cover old cracks and stains that were caused previously. 

It protects from injuries caused by slippery surfaces. The floor remains dry and clean so you do not have to worry about it when stepping into your garage. These mats also reduce the water tracks inside your house.

They do not have a large cross-sectional area when folded so you can easily store it once the snowy/rainy season ends.  

How to make the final decision

The upkeep of your garage floor is a necessary thing and the only feasible option for you is to buy a containment mat. The garage floor is one of the most frequently used parts of your home and these mats can help you give it a more refined look. 

The wide variety of features available with these mats make your routine maintenance a lot easier. This mat will easily endure all kinds of weather and leaky vehicles. 

At the end of the day, the decision is whether you want a nice and tidy garage or a garage that has pools of water and gunk spread across the floor. 

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