buying salon and spa equipment

Top Tips for Buying Salon and Spa Equipment

The choice of equipment is the most important stage when opening beauty salons and spas. It should be not only modern and functional. It is important that the appliances are attractive to customers and harmoniously complement the interior.

What parameters should you pay attention to when choosing equipment on or another site? Let’s figure it out!

Basic requirements for salon and spa equipment

Do you want your salon to be popular? To do this, it is not enough to hire experienced employees. Be sure to equip their workplaces in accordance with the following requirements.

Safety and reliability

All equipment presented in the salon must be of high quality, functional, and safe for both the master and the client. Try to choose modern ergonomic models that are easy to move, clean, and disinfect.

Legal Compliance

Each area of activity is regulated by law. Before purchasing equipment, carefully study the regulatory framework for your line of business. In this way, you can avoid numerous mistakes and save money by avoiding the purchase of unsuitable products and paying fines.

Room Characteristics

Consider the area of the salon and its individual rooms, especially the layout. Try not to place too much equipment and decor in one location. This will impede the free movement of staff, and customers will feel uncomfortable.

How to apply this knowledge in practice? If you equip massage rooms, massage tables should be their main element. Additionally, you can install a small wardrobe or rack, a table, and a chair for a massage therapist and equip a changing area and a shower room. The choice depends on the area and layout of the room.

Environmental friendliness

Another parameter to consider when opening a salon. Sustainability is not just a popular social trend in recent years. This is a demonstration of the management’s responsible attitude towards the environment and concern for its customers.

Eco-friendly materials are as safe as possible for the health of customers. This is especially true for children, people with hypersensitive skin, allergic diseases, etc.

Installing equipment and furniture made from sustainable materials will help you avoid various problems and take part in the conservation of nature for future generations.

Availability of quality certificates

Each reputable company accompanies its products with official documentation. It contains the characteristics of materials, their compliance with current legislation, and recommendations for use. You can safely provide customers with quality certificates and increase their loyalty to your salon.

When buying, do not forget to make sure that the warranty card is available. It is necessary for post-warranty maintenance and repair.

How to choose equipment for the salon and spa?

Do you want to open your own salon but don’t know where to start? Visit a few potential competitors first. Choose the leading salons of your city that have impeccable reputations and are popular.

During such visits, you will be able to independently determine the advantages and disadvantages of competitors. For this, you should:

• Learn about their equipment and materials;
• Get to know different masters and evaluate the quality of their services;
• If possible, communicate with the owner, share your impressions of the visit.

Then, you can move on to finding a room and choosing equipment. Remember that you need to buy appliances and furniture taking into account the characteristics of a particular location.

Industry exhibitions will help you find equipment. At such events, you can immerse yourself in communication with like-minded people, get acquainted with the latest developments of leading companies, and take part in the demonstration of procedures.

We hope these simple guidelines will help you in building your business. Good luck!

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