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How Can A Cartoon Video Maker Help Liven Up Online Courses?

Now online courses have gradually become a new trend. If you are an educator that holds online courses, how can you make your online course different from competitors and more engaging for your audience?

We all know that reading long essays or just listening can be really boring, but on the contrary, we all unanimously agree that animation and videos are fun to watch. So actually, learning can be made more fun and innovative at the same time by using animated videos, which bring life to even dull concepts. Therefore, you can use this strategy in your online courses and engage students of every age. 

But how to make animated videos for online lessons? The simplest way is by using a cartoon video maker such as Doratoon to create engaging animations. It is an online cartoon video maker with multiple templates and materials, clips that can help you make your own animation for online teaching.


Let me walk you through the ways in which Doratoon can help you in your online courses and boost your viewership. 

How Can You Use Doratoon To Bring A Spark To Online Courses?

People find online courses quite dull and boring. However, if you use animated characters, you will notice your viewership increase in no time. Moreover, they help you establish your online videos as a brand in the online community. There’s no doubt that Doratoon is a renowned animation maker with a simple interface and an array of features to make animation easy and enjoyable. 

So let’s see what are the ways in which you can make use of this online cartoon video maker to make customized characters that add life to your online courses.

1. Make A Story

You can either teach facts to the students in a plain way or make it a vivid story. Hence, if you explain the concepts in the form of a story, students will tend to learn and engage more. You can accomplish this by means of animated cartoon characters which can be drawn easily by the use of Doratoon, this free online cartoon maker.

Therefore, once you are done with the draft, try to make a storyline out of it and explain it with characters. These will help you put the facts in a sequence and explain things easily and other fun methods. As a result, the audience will engage more and look for your videos to clear their concepts and study all kinds of topics.

2. Add All Kinds Of Characters

The best way to interact with your audience and students and keep them engaged and on track is to use real-life characters to explain the concepts. Luckily, with Doratoon you can use the versatile smart characters to accomplish your goal. 

To explain even boring and dull characters in a better way, you can put a dialogue between two cartoon characters and add the effects to make it more realistic and interesting. The use of cartoon characters not only gives an artistic touch to your online course but also helps you engage your audience.

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3. Give A Conversational Style To Your Videos

Delivering the lecture in such a way that your audience feels connected to you is a good way to enhance viewership and get a popular position in the online community. Fortunately, this can be done quite easily if you use a free online cartoon maker like Doratoon, which allows you to use AI-generated voices in various languages. Apart from helping you develop a conversational tone, the video maker will also help you mold your content in a way that is delivered both professionally and in an engaging manner.

Doratoon also offers to add subtitles to your videos in different languages and make them understandable to audiences around the globe. Moreover, these subtitles sync perfectly with the video sound and you do not need to worry about the lag between video sound and subtitle text.

As a result, your lessons will be easier for the audience to remember and they will ultimately become a routine viewer of your online courses. Hence, without any capital, you will be teaching a number of students around the globe.

4. Convert PPTs To Videos

During the educational process, you will be asked to create lectures in the form of ppts on several occasions. However, reading out ppts can be hard and frivolous. Hence an easy way is to convert them to videos. Here again, Doratoon comes to your rescue. This animation maker comes equipped with the feature of converting your ppts to videos with just a single click. Moreover, you can add some sounds and music to give an extra spark to the course.

To Wrap Up

If you are into creating online courses and are looking for a quick way to increase your viewership and engage your audience, then the simplest way is to make use of a cartoon video maker online. Certainly, Doratoon is an incredible tool for creating cartoon animation videos. It comes equipped with several features which are perfect for animation creations.

Hence, you can use this video maker to improve the quality of your online courses. Moreover, it offers a free trial which means that you do not need any capital to start. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to make your online course lively and entertaining.

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