How To Catch A Cheater: 5 Best Ways

Just like there is no better thing than a loving relationship, there is no worst feeling than being cheated on. And naturally, if the suspicion that you’re being cheated on finds its way to your relationship, you will want to know how to catch someone cheating and protect yourself – emotionally and physically.

Let’s take a look.

Signs That Your Spouse May Be Cheating

The feeling of being cheated on is even worse if you have the changed behavior of your spouse or a partner to go by.

Of course, these signs can’t tell you if your spouse is cheating with certainty, but they can surely make you think.

For example:

  • They don’t let their phone out of sight
  • They are always texting sneakily
  • They are coming home later than normal
  • They are changing their schedule with no good explanation
  • They delete their browsing history
  • They change all their passwords
  • They are paying more attention to how they look
  • They are never around
  • You caught them lying
  • They don’t share anything with you
  • They are too defensive for no reason
  • They know your schedule better than you do

As I said, these signs won’t give you what you want to know with 100% certainty, but if you want to catch a cheating spouse, read on.

What Are The Most Effective Ways To Catch A Cheater?

We’ve dedicated our time and efforts to finding the best methods to catch a cheating spouse, and in collaboration with our users, we found that the following methods worked best.

1. Check Their Cloud Services And Apps

Nowadays, we mostly store our media online, on cloud services. The chances that your partner is too are extremely high, and so, accessing their cloud, and with it, their emails, images, photos, voice messages might give you a lead.

Sadly, it is almost impossible to get access to their cloud. Especially if you ticked off the point where they start hiding things and changing passwords.

Try to find access to apps like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Accessing these apps gives you an opportunity to know what your lover talks about with other people. You can use spying apps to get to know how to see someone’s activity on facebook or any other app.

2. Learn Their GPS Locations

Following your spouse’s GPS location might be easier than checking their cloud, but it is not that reliable. Just because they often go to that restaurant they never told you about doesn’t mean they’re cheating. They could be meeting a coworker just as well!

When the GPS locations don’t work, another method you can try out is to hire professional private detectives to trace your spouse’s location. If you really want to figure out where your partner has visited, then you can resort to a reliable private investigator.

3. Look For Digital Receipts

Going through your spouse’s receipts might be a good idea, but the hard part here is to access their bank account or email.

If you happen to access them, though, and you find a lot of receipts for things you know nothing about – jewelry, lingerie, hotels, motels, etc. – this might just start to tell you something.

4. Install A Hidden Camera

One of the more reliable methods would be to have everything on camera.

If you manage to install a camera strategically, you might get all the proof you need. But where are you to find a camera?

And even if you do, they might be hard to install and even harder to hide.

Besides, who would bring a lover to their own home?

5. How To Catch A Cheater With MSpy?

And finally – spy apps. This might seem like overdoing it, but if catching him cheating is your goal, there isn’t a more reliable option. All of the aforementioned options are good, but they are not 100% sure. However, with a spy app, there is no place for “maybe,” and our favorite is mSpy.

mSpy is a tool that will help you easily access their phone and almost everything in it. You will be able to read messages, see the call log with time stamps and duration, and media shared in social apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, GB Whatsapp Download, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Telegram, etc. You will also have access to the deleted web search history their location through GPS tracking.

Apart from that, you will have access to all the contacts, apps, emails, and calendars, so if this doesn’t help catch a cheating spouse, nothing will.

Besides, mSpy is easy to install and use, it is compatible with both Android and iOS, and they have 24/7 customer support.

Final Word

We really hope that we didn’t help you catch someone cheating but actually prove that your spouse is faithful after all. Either way – stay safe!

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