4 Methods to Change Your Body Odor

We all have those awkward moments in our lives where we stop and think, “Do I stink?” Before you get things twisted, thinking that body odor isn’t normal, let us clarify that it 100% is. There could be multiple reasons why you suddenly smell.

Making the most out of the benefits of liquid chlorophyll drops significantly help in neutralizing your body odor. And, while you include that into your lifestyle, there are a few other significant changes you can introduce to change your body odor.

This article will explore the top four methods you can try out to change your body odor and get rid of the stench everyone keeps complaining of.

1. There’s no alternative to personal hygiene

You could use the most expensive deodorant or antiperspirant but nothing will work in the long run if you aren’t keeping yourself squeaky clean.

Let’s understand the science behind body odor. Every human being you come across has a signature body odor. Some accentuate that with perfumes, etc.

However, the typical “bad smell” or “bad body odor” that we know of happens due to bacterial build-up on the skin. So, if you aren’t cleaning yourself properly, you are essentially making room for this bacterial growth, which leads to bad odor. So, never slack on personal hygiene.

2. Try out breathable fabrics

If you tend to sweat a lot, you need to pay attention to the kind of clothing fabric you have on. Technically, sweat won’t dry out quickly if you are wearing something like polyester or waterproof stretchy material.

Instead, you need to switch to more breathable fabrics like cotton or bamboo, which have moisture-wicking properties.

Making this small switch will keep your clothing and skin dry, thereby preventing bacterial growth in the folds of your skin, which often leads to bad odor.

3. Use good quality antiperspirants

Another quick tip to switch up your body odor to smell fresh is to use good-quality antiperspirants. One category that works well is “industrial strength” antiperspirants. These are long-lasting yet the smell isn’t too overpowering.

Most of these high-quality antiperspirants have aluminum chloride in them, which prevents excessive sweating, especially in the underarms.

Once you are done taking your shower, towel dries your body completely, and then apply the antiperspirant on your underarms. Doing this twice daily should change your body odor for the better.

4. Use anti-bacterial soap

As we mentioned before, bacteria’s interaction with sweat is what creates the stench or the foul body odor that you are likely struggling with.

To nip the problem in the bud, use anti-bacterial soap. Some of these antibacterial soaps contain very harsh chemicals. So, our recommendation would be to buy the ones with all-natural ingredients.

If required, you can buy ones that are formulated or scented with natural oils like tea tree, etc. that further accentuate the scent of the soap.

Body odor is natural. However, there could be several instances where you don’t want things to get embarrassing for yourself. Trying out these personal hygiene tips should help you to an extent. Furthermore, focus on introducing good supplements to your diet that keeps your body cleansed and free of toxins.

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