What Are The Cheapest Months To Travel?

If you want to travel cheaper, here is a guide with everything you need to know to become a professional bargain hunter.

Let’s be honest, we don’t buy a plane ticket without first looking for the cheapest flights. Well, let me tell you that nowadays on various websites you can find tools to travel cheaper and in the cheapest months. Here are some tips for you to learn how to make the off peak travel season more comfortable and much cheaper.

1. Be flexible about the date of travel

The first step to be able to travel cheaper is to define the date of your trip. The best way to know when it is cheaper to buy a plane ticket is to have the flexibility to travel at any time.

Many times this is not possible due to personal or work commitments. However, knowing the approximate month in which you want to travel will help you define if it is high or low season in the destination you want to visit.

For example, traveling to Europe in the summer means a 30% to 40% increase in flight prices, as opposed to traveling in the first or last months of the year. This is because most people have vacations and will take advantage of them to travel. If you want to go to Orlando or Los Angeles to enjoy the Disney parks, it is much better to do it in February, which is the low season.

2. Travel in low season

Take advantage of the low season to travel, i.e. those months where there are no general vacations or long weekends. Avoid doing it on Labor Day, Easter, mid or end of the year vacations. Remember that not all destinations have the same low season months to travel.

Prices for flights to Caribbean beaches usually drop a bit before hurricane season. For example, you can find cheap flights to Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Aruba or Riviera Maya from April to June, as well as from October to November. As for flights to South American countries, the low season is between May and October, at the arrival of autumn. That is where you can find airline tickets with discounts of up to 40%.

What is the cheapest season to travel to Europe?

If you want to go to Europe and also enjoy the destination without so many people, look for flights to Amsterdam, Paris or London between the months of February and May or September to November. You can easily book a hotel or rent an apartment there at https://karta.com.

3. Use the Cheapest Month tool in any flight search engine

Do you already know which country you want to visit and have the flexibility to fly? Then, the best thing to do is to use the Cheapest Month tool in any flight search engine.

All you have to do is choose your city or airport of origin, as well as the country or destination you want to visit. Nothing difficult, isn’t it? The only thing that changes is that when you choose the date you must click on the option “Full Month”, then “Cheapest Month” and then click on the green button “Search Flights”.

How to use the “Anywhere” option in the flight search engine?

The “Anywhere” tool will help you find the cheapest destinations from your nearest airport.

By using the “Anywhere” tool mixed with “Cheapest Month”, you will be able to find cheap flights to destinations you can’t imagine.

To use it you will have to enter the airport closest to your departure city and, instead of defining an arrival city or country, choose “Anywhere”, then “Full Month”, followed by “Cheapest Month”.

4. Create a price alert for destinations you need

You already know which is the cheapest month to travel to your next destination, but you are not yet ready to buy or want a cheaper flight. I recommend you to create a price alert in flight search engine or booking, which will allow you to save your searches and also keep you informed about when costs go down or up.

This way you will be able to better monitor the prices of your flights before buying them. Activate it by selecting “Receive Price Alerts” (left side of your screen, in the gray menu) once you have completed your search. For more detailed information on the cheapest months to travel, click here you can find more info.

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