8 Clever Tips To Choose The Best Solar Company For You

Shifting from conventional energy to solar energy is one of the wisest decisions you can make. You must be aware of all the benefits of solar energy for personal and commercial use. The next significant question is how to choose the best solar energy for your needs. From numerous solar companies, finding the best one can be a little tedious.

You should consider various factors that differentiate the best company from others. To help you with that decision, here are eight clever tips for choosing the best solar company.

1. Consider multiple options.

It’s always good to have options while making a purchase. Consider the best solar panel companies while choosing the most suitable one for your home. Numerous factors, such as the company’s location and warranty, can help you make that decision. Considering multiple quotes will help you compare the offerings and prices of all of them and decide accordingly.

It also helps to find a professional company that genuinely cares about the customer rather than just making a sale. Suppose two or more vendors tell you that your home may not be feasible for solar panels due to extremely low lighting and at the same time, another company is just adamant about making the sale, it is best to go with the majority opinion and avoid the companies that are just in it for the profits.

2. Do not rely solely on the price-comparing sites.

There are numerous price-comparing sites that rate solar companies based on the price they offer. But, it won’t be the best decision to rely on such sites solely. Price comparison websites only consider the price point and not other factors such as services, warrantee, maintenance period, the expertise of the company etc.

One company might give you the cheapest installation but may not provide any warranty on work, while another company is a little costlier, but they might have an extensive portfolio of successful installations. That’s why the best strategy would be to use such sites just for reference and make your decision based on all the findings.

3. Try to avoid renting the panels or PPAs

While looking for solar panels, you can come across vendors that offer to rent solar panels instead of buying them. Renting solar panels may sound good, but it has many hidden costs that usually aren’t presented to you. Such vendors can ask you to rent their panels through different financial options such as Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and power leases.

The escalation rate included in the PPAs increased the price of electricity over the years. Such options gain more financial benefits for the vendor and almost none for the consumer.

4. Always choose local companies with experience.

You must have come across numerous solar vendors in your local area. There are multiple benefits of choosing a local solar vendor with years of experience in the sector. Experienced companies have better expertise that will help you with a tailored solution for your home. It will also ensure that the business will still be operating after several years if you need them.

5. Look for reviews and testimonials.

Almost every company today is on business listing sites like Google Business and Yelp. Such sites have all the reviews and testimonials from previous customers and their experience with the company. These reviews and testimonials can help you to make a better decision. It’s also important to be careful while considering such reviews. Some companies also pay others for fake reviews. If you think the reviews are too good to be true, you can confirm it with the vendor or ignore the option.

6. Check the authenticity of the dealer.

It can be challenging to deal with scammers, as they are everywhere. It’s essential to find an authentic solar company with the necessary licenses and certifications to install solar panels. Make sure you verify those licenses before you make any deal. A simple online search can help you get familiar with the necessary certifications from your local and state authorities.

7. Inquire about the warranties

Warrantied help in times of equipment failures or problems with your solar panels. Remember to discuss the warranties with the vendor and what the warranty covers. Some contracts may not cover any physical damages done to solar panels.

8. Verify whether they provide maintenance and support

You would not want to fix the solar panel yourself if some malfunction occurs or your solar panel stops working. In such cases, you’ll need a professional to look at it and fix the problem. It would be best to discuss the duration of the maintenance and support and charges after that duration ends.

These are eight clever tips to find the best solar company for setting up solar panels for your home or business. Do your research, compare multiple options and make a wise decision.

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