What To Look For When Choosing an Event Planner

If you’re looking to organize an event this year, now is the time to look for a good event planner. Seeing the fact that the past two years have been filled with cancellations and postponements, you’ll want someone who will be by your side till the very end so that you can enjoy the time and money spent organizing your special day.

With that said, we will be looking at a few characteristics that you’ll want to consider when choosing a great event planner.

Foresight Regarding the Future

Whenever planning an event, it’s important to be optimistic. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the fact that things might not go as planned.

Make sure to get an event planner that offers insights on special event insurance in case things go wrong. If they keep assuring you that everything will be alright and they insist you trust them 100% of the time, that might be a red flag.

Social Intelligence

Your event planner needs to be a people person. They need to adapt to any type of personality and client – including corporate managers, people who want to organize their birthday party, couples about to get married, and everything in between.

If they can’t adapt to your personality, then they might not be the right pick for you. Not only that, but they also need to adapt to the personality and needs of every other collaborator – decorators, venue owners, suppliers, volunteers, etc.

Organizational Skills

If your plans were a mess up until this point, then this is the best possible test for the event planner you’re looking to hire. They need terrific organizational skills so that they can put together all the pieces of the puzzle and make something magnificent.

He needs to keep your entire team informed, your collaborators up to speed, and have a well-placed plan in case unforeseen events might occur. If they can’t perform up to the highest standards in any of these categories, they might not be the one.

The Ability to Stay Calm

Organizing events isn’t for everyone. It can get very stressful really fast. That’s why one of the best characteristics you’ll want for your event planner is for them to be able to stay calm in any situation. You don’t need someone to make you panic even more than you already are.

On the contrary, your event planner needs to always be on top of any problem that can occur down the line. They need to treat everyone with respect even if the situation seems to be going out of hand.

Great Multitasking Skills

There’s a reason why organizing an event requires so many people. Everyone involved might need to juggle multiple types of tasks, and that goes double for your event planner. You don’t want someone who can’t handle day-to-day logistics and communication with partners at the same time.

Creativity Is Always a Plus

Even though your events may not have a lot of room for innovation and creativity, there is always wiggle room to do things differently even if you are limited by your budget, guests, and other external factors.

For instance, your event planner should be able to recommend event themes, a special venue setup, and multiple other related recommendations even if your budget isn’t exactly rich. Not only that, but creativity can also help your event planner when it comes to solving problems.

The Bottom Line

Your event planner should have a multitude of skills that come in handy when it comes to solving problems, communicating with your partners or guests, and juggling through multiple daily logistical problems.

All in all, a great event planner will be able to adapt to your specific needs and requirements even if you don’t have the most outstanding budget out there. Be wary of event planners who seem too closed-minded or who appear to be a little too arrogant for their own good.

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