clean roof in five steps

How To Thoroughly Clean Your Roof In Five Simple Steps

Between the right equipment and the proper technique, we explain to you in 5 steps how to effectively clean your roof and protect it. Complete cleaning on the program from tiles to gutters, roof cleaning requires a minimum of preparation and anticipation. You will need to equip yourself to get on the roof safely, then de-moss and effectively protect the tiles of your house against the weather. Now the cleaning operation started.

1. Things To Know Before Cleaning Your Roof

The ideal would be to clean your roof twice a year. Once in the spring to make sure the winter hasn’t done too much damage and once in late fall, when all the dead leaves have finished falling, prepare the roof for winter. Adjust to the weather to avoid going up on the top when the wind is blowing hard or too hot.

Don’t skimp on your safety: take all the necessary precautions before embarking on this high-flying mission. Only those who know how to clean your roof should be hired for the job.

2. How Do I Get On The Roof To Clean It?

The first step but not the least:

  • Climb on the roof. This mission requires your full attention.
  • Work accompanied for your safety.
  • Wear good shoes so you don’t slip.

Use a suitable ladder which cost between 100 and 160 $ depending on the height and consider placing a block at its feet to prevent it from moving. Besides, leave 1 m of margin between the top of the ladder and the bottom of the roof so that you never have to climb the last rungs, it’s too dangerous.

Equip yourself with a protective harness. You can never be too careful. Once on the roof, remember to secure the ladder to the top using the safety hooks.

3. Moss Removal Operation on the Roof

To begin, you’ll need to remove the moss and lichen already there. Using a high-pressure washer from Hotsy of Houston may erode the tiles, but you can avoid this problem if you work your way down the roof.

Option two: use a stiff brush and soapy water to clean the roof from top to bottom before washing. To keep moss from growing on your roof, prune the trees in your yard and trim the bushes and vines that cling to your house’s exterior walls.

4. Thoroughly Clean the Roof And Protect It

After the moss removal operation, spray your roof with anti-moss if the weather is nice and there is no wind. To completely protect it from bad weather (frost, rain, snow, etc.), you can also apply a water-repellent treatment that will reduce the tiles’ porosity by making them smooth.

Good to know: the water-repellent treatment must rest for 24 hours to be effective. To check, put water on your tiles. If the water slides off, it means the treatment is working. On the other hand, if the water is absorbed, you will have to start the water-repellent treatment again.

5. Clean the Gutters

Last step of your extensive roof cleaning: the gutter. First of all, make sure your ladder is positioned in a stable position, and then remove the bulk of the leaves and branches by hand or using a garden trowel. For a complete cleaning, you can use a powerful jet of water, while monitoring the evacuations so that the pipes do not clog as you go.


Your roof is subject to bad weather, external attacks and pollution daily. It must therefore be cleaned and maintained from time to time to retain its resistance, impermeability, and beautiful appearance. You can hire a roofer or do the cleaning yourself if your house does not have more than one floor.

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