clean walls when moving in

How To Clean Walls When Moving In

Clean walls are the must-have thing in a house. But, most of the time when we move into a new house, we find the walls in a dirty state. It’s very unfortunate to move into a house that has dirty walls because it makes the whole house look rusty and old.

When you move into a house with dirty walls, the first thing you should do is clean the walls thoroughly. There are lots of easy ways to clean the walls when you’re moving into a new house, and I will tell you the procedure for cleaning the wall step-by-step right here so that you don’t face any trouble when moving in.

Step 1: Identify The Type Of Wall

You need to know what kind of wall it is before you start cleaning because you can’t clean every wall in the same pattern. That’s why you should identify what kind of wall it is and what kind of paint is on the wall.

If your wall is painted with acrylic paint or the wall is made of wood, then you should avoid using water while cleaning it as the wall can get destroyed by water.

If the wall has wallpaper on it, then it’s better to take help from a cleaning company to clean the wall because if you try to clean it all by yourself you may damage the color of the wallpaper or the design of the wallpaper. 

If you’re short on time or don’t feel like tackling the task yourself, consider hiring a moving in cleaning service Toronto to help you get your walls looking fresh and clean.

Step 2: Gather Necessary Cleaning Supplies

To clean the walls you’re going to need two buckets full of water mixed with soap, a flat-head microfiber, a cleaning cloth, a sponge, towels, a magic eraser, vinegar or wall cleaner, a vacuum cleaner that has a brush attached with it, and a ladder.

Grab these essential pieces of equipment and start cleaning the walls of your new house so that they shine like newly painted walls.

Step 3: Remove Household Items Near Walls

You can’t start cleaning the walls when the items of your household are still near the walls. You need to remove them to get access to the wall and also to keep those items from getting dirty.

Remove the sofa that’s in front of the wall or you can cover it up if that works for you. Take down pictures, mirrors, wall clocks, or any kind of wall decor from the wall. Make the surface clean so it becomes easy for you to clean the wall properly.

Remove nails and screws from the wall. To fill up the nail holes in the wall apply spackling pastes to the wall with the help of a knife.

Step 4: Clean Cobwebs And Dust

The actual cleaning starts with cleaning the cobwebs and dust from the wall. Take a broom with a long handle or a vacuum to clean all the cobwebs and dust from the wall.

Cleaning cobwebs and dust from the walls before washing the wall is necessary. If you start washing the wall with water before removing the cobwebs and dust then it’ll become muddy and messy. It’ll turn into a whole disaster.

If the wall is huge or you find it difficult to clean the dust from the whole wall then you can call for a helping hand from Mastermaid or other online cleaning services that’ll provide you with professional cleaners.

Step 5: Remove Stains And Wash The Whole Wall

There might be some stubborn stains that the people that used to live in your house have left behind. Don’t panic, you’ll be able to remove those stains only by using baking soda. Baking soda is the ultimate killer of stains.

Just mix a half cup of baking soda with a quarter cup of water and swirl them until they turn into a thick paste. Take a rug and start cleaning the stains with this paste.

To wash the wall, first, rinse the microfiber mop in soapy water and start mopping the wall from top to bottom. You can use any cleaning cloth or sponge in exchange for a microfiber mop. After washing the wall, dry the wall with towels and absorb all the moisture from the wall.

Why Is It Important To Clean The Walls When Moving In?

Having clean walls is crucial for your family’s health and also for the overall look of your house. Dirty walls consist of various Pathogens that can harm the health of your family. You should be extra careful about cleaning the walls of your house when you have kids in your family as they are very sensitive to dust.

Cleaning the walls can also save you from painting it again and again. Painting the walls is troublesome work. If you keep the walls clean, it will not be necessary to paint the walls repeatedly.


It’s really important to clean the wall whether you move out or move into a house. If your walls are filthy and filled with dust then it’ll reflect badly on you and your new house will look like wreckage.

So don’t keep the walls dirty anymore and clean them easily by following the steps above and live a healthy life with your whole family.

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