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Modern Coffee Brewing Methods: Pros And Cons

Do you love to start your day with a cup of delicious coffee? Have you ever participated in pour over coffee vs drip brewing method discussions? Do you know the latest Coffee trends? If you are not confused to hear these questions, then you are likely to know the basic and up-to-date brewing techniques that can advance the quality of the drink to a completely different level.

Have you ever paid attention to the phrase “to make coffee”? Even though you do not have to plant, grow, pick up, and roast coffee beans, you need to have enough skills and knowledge to make the most of the raw ingredients you get. What factors can predetermine the final taste of your coffee? The quality of coffee beans and the brewing methods are critical factors that can make your coffee taste either good or bad.

Are you interested in how to make the energizing drink lighter, softer, fruiter, or stronger? Check out the up-to-date brewing methods that can help you enjoy the delightful and aromatic coffee every single time you make it.

French Press

If you do not have much time for exquisite coffee brewing, you can always take advantage of the traditional French press experience. It is the simplest and the most beneficial way to get a delicious and aromatic coffee. It will not take more than 5 minutes to get your coffee done, but the result will still be impressive. You should not expect a fancy drink but rather a rich-flavor, dark brew.


•  It is easy to brew and takes a few minutes to get the desired result.
•  The brewing type is perfect for everyday use.
•  There is no need to spend money on filters.
•  The coffee waste can be reused.


•  You will have to heat water every time you strive to enjoy a refreshing drink.

If you have never taken advantage of a French press, now is the excellent time to get started. Any coffee roast type will work well. The brew will be rich and aromatic.


This is another brewing technique that can help you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee that features a strong aroma and beneficial flavor. Generally, the brewing process resembles a nice chemistry project. Coffee lovers who use this technique to make coffee know that it is the best way to reveal the most different aspects of the subtleties of the beans.

Irrespective of the more complicated process, if compared to French Press experience, brewing will not take more than 4 minutes.


•  A cup of delicious and energizing drink can be brewed in 4-5 minutes.
•  It works well, revealing the most extraordinary aspects of coffee bean taste.


•  You will have to spend a certain sum of money on the quality filter.
•  Some filters may impair the taste and aroma of the coffee.

This brewing method is perfect for users who strive to relish fruit coffee notes and complex flavors. This brewing method is excellent for users who enjoy a multi-sided taste of coffee beans without bitterness and unpleasant aftertaste. See The Coffee Folk for a guide to the best pour over coffee makers.


Maximum flexibility and versatility are the basic features of AeroPress. Although the users cannot enjoy the deep and complex coffee flavor using this brewing method, it remains one of the most appreciated and frequently used brewing techniques among up-to-date coffee lovers. Generally, AeroPress is a unique option for those who strive to make a single cup of coffee really fast.

Similar to previous brewing techniques, you will need only 5 minutes to get your coffee done. Additionally, it is the best solution for adventurers who cannot take a coffee machine to the next tour.


•  The AeroPress advantages are similar to French Press ones.
•  The device is highly portable and easy to use.
•  The brewing method is exceptionally environmentally friendly.
•  You can make a cup of delicious coffee from the fine ground coffee.


•  You can make only one-two cups of coffee.
•  It is inevitable to boil the water every time you want a cup of coffee.

Drip Coffee

This is the traditional type of coffee brewing, which is used in most homes. Nonetheless, it is inevitable to mention that up-to-date coffee fans are more eager to experiment and replace the usual brewing technique with up-to-date ones. Irrespective of the possible disadvantages, this method is fast and beneficial.


•  It is a no-brainer brewing technique.
•  Diverse coffee grind types are applicable.
•  The coffee machine keeps the drink warm for a while.


•  You do not have a chance to enjoy a rich taste or an unforgettable aftertaste of the drink, but rather get a source of caffeine.
•  Filters are needed.

Cold Brew

It is, probably, one of the beneficial brewing methods that have recently appeared out there. While most coffee lovers prefer their energizing drinks hot during the cold months, they relish refreshing beverages cold during the summer days.


• You can taste every single note of the beans.
• Easy to make and exceptionally delicious to drink.
• A 100% environment-friendliness.


•  The process lasts a while.

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