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5 Brilliant Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams of 2022

There is no doubt that work from home has become an integrated part of our life since the beginning of covid-19. At the beginning of 2020, many organizations started work from home thinking it would be for a short span but later became the lifeline of every business due to imposed lockdowns. Some businesses had a tough time dealing with this situation but managed by employing remote work operations.

As per studies conducted in 2021, most of the employees who shifted to remote work became less connected and coordinative to one another. Not only this, their social life was compromised due to increased isolation, which also had a huge impact on their work. For this reason, companies started using remote team collaborative tools to improve communication between team members.

Tough 2020 was starting year for the rise of remote working tools, we feel many underrated tools would improve remote team coordination/collaboration in 2022. One of the best examples of the online portal is bklinkglobal which is made for the employees of burger king. Let’s explain some of the best ones:

Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams of 2022

Following are some of the best collaboration tools that can be employed to improve collaboration and coordination of remote teams in 2022.

1. Zoom

At the beginning of Covid-19, Zoom skyrocketed in terms of popularity when organizations and employees had to find a way to work remotely for the first time. When the whole world was isolated due to the pandemic, Zoom has become the best medium where people can talk to their loved ones, friends as well as colleagues.

Compared to others, Zoom is a more visual form of communication. It is a specially designed video chat app and has tons of tools to make collaborations and meetings easy for remote works.

Key Features

• HD video calling with HD voice
• Group messaging
• Conduct podcasts and webinars
• Partner Integrations
• Remote control and user reports


• The platform is free for 1 to 1 meetings.
• For small teams, the pro version costs $14.99 /month /license
• Business version costs $19.99 /month /license

2. DropBox

Dropbox cannot miss this list as it is the only effective tool that provides an easy way to upload, store, share, and backup files. Despite if it was founded a decade ago, Dropbox still holds the top spot as the most reliable and well-known cloud storage platform. This tool is ridiculously easy to use and you can easily integrate it with other popular collaboration tools to share and store files across different apps.

Key Features

• Backup all your data without storing it on your computer
• File sharing with specified users
• Previous version restoration of files
• Open and view any type of file without installing extra software
• 256-bit AES encryption security to keep your files safe
• Add comments to files


• You get 2 GB of storage completely free or a whole terabyte for $9.99. You can also get more storage for free using referrals.

3. nTask

For scheduling meetings and team collaborations, nTask is one of the best cloud-based task management software. It is well-structured software and comes with over 1000+ apps including Zapier. In short, it has all the tools you may need to complete your project efficiently. Below are the major key features that can be enjoyed using nTask.

Key Features

• File sharing
• Team chat
• Task management
• Task status and assignment
• Assign priorities
• Time tracking
• Adding meetings, task issues
• Risk analysis and management


• Basic free subscription
• Premium subscription at $3 per user per month
• Business subscription at $8 per user per month


This software may come as a surprise but recently, it has gained much popularity because of its wide range of use cases and functionality. With, you can appoint all tasks and processes related to a project using templates right within the application. This saves a lot of time and helps the team to concentrate on activities.

One amazing thing is that you can integrate this software with major applications like Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Slack, Slack, etc.

Key Features

• Managing and tracking workloads
• Survey
• Due date tracking
• Activity log
• User access controls
• Customizable fields


• Free plans
• Basic subscription at $24 per month
• Standard subscription at $30 per month
• Pro subscription at $48 per month

5. Chanty

Whenever business owners are thinking of incorporating remote work, the major problem that crosses their minds is the communication part. One of the best software that can help your remote teams with communication is Chanty. One of the best things about this app is its user-friendliness. It is so easy to use that one doesn’t even need to look for a guide.

With its ease of use, Chanty is widely accepted by users all over the world. You may sure think that such a famous application would cost a lot but it’s not true at all. Chanty has a free version that includes all the necessary premium features for its users. If you still need additional features, their premium subscription costs only $1.50/ month/ user.

Key Features

• Real-time chat
• Real-time notifications
• File sharing
• Activity feed
• Discussion threads


• A free version is available for everyone and includes all the necessary features.
• For a premium subscription, the price starts at $1.50 per month per user.

Types of Collaboration Tools

During the past two years, developers have tried to make the most of the opportunity by releasing tons of apps and software for the collaboration of remote teams. There are different collaboration tools that can be used on desktops, iPhones, Androids as well as tablets.

Different collaboration tools are designed for specific purposes. Here’s a list of different types of collaboration tools for different purposes.

• Task management software
• File sharing and management tools
• Document integration tools
• Instant messaging
• Video conferencing tools
• Cloud storage
• Whiteboards for communicating visual info. via texts and drawings
• Calendar sharing tools

Some of the Best Collaboration Tools That Are Free of Cost

• Hangouts
• Discord
• Zapier
• Cloud App
• Awwapp
• Appear in
• Microsoft Teams
• Rocket Chat
• Slack
• Flock


There you have it. These are our top picks that will surely help you and your remote trams overcome all difficulties of remote working. These collaborative platforms will help you with everything – Be it communication, task management, file/document sharing, instant messaging, and video calls. These apps are only our top 5 picks and you may miss your needed feature.

If that’s the case, then we suggest you search the internet and find out the exact one that fits your needs before purchasing a subscription for any application.

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