colours to wear in fall 2021

What Are The Colours to Wear in Fall 2021?

The fall is just around the corner, and it’s time to talk fall autumn fashion, specifically colours.

One of the exciting things about changing seasons is switching our wardrobes to match the different weather and intentions for upcoming months.

We all know and love the classic fall colours – brown, grey, pumpkin, black, burgundy are a must! But each year, the fashion world also comes up with some exciting new colour trends, and 2021 is no different!

Let’s dig in and talk about the colours to wear in fall 2021.

Hope and joy

Pantone Colour Institute is the leading expert for all things colours, and this year together with the New York Fashion Week, they came out with the colours for autumn-winter 2021/2022.

This season, our desire for a versatile range of palettes that embrace and accommodate the various possibilities of our continued somewhat sheltered lifestyle is front and centre.

After almost two years of the pandemic, people are looking for hope, joy and personal expression that can be shared in more places than Zoom.

Marine Green

Love green? Why not try marine green this summer? The rich hue that resembles emerald is everywhere this season! You can go all in and get a marine green blazer, sweater or hoodie, or incorporate it into your outfit as an accessory (e.g. a neckerchief, scarf, headwear).

This is a great transitional colour when you’re not ready to let go of the summer, and it pairs perfectly well with your classic dark brown or, e.g. taupe.

Army green

Another shade of green that’s trending this season is army green, it’s back in such items as leather jackets and tie-dye prints, and we love it!

This colour is pretty easy to style, and the chances are that you already have some suitable items in your closet!

Style your army green jacket or trousers with a white, tan, camel, grey or pink tee for a classic yet fresh look.

Make sure your t-shirt is high-quality; we love Fresh Clean Tees for their wide choice of styles and colours! Find the best t-shirt color combinations by Fresh Clean Tees here.


Fushia is one of these bold, exciting colours that we usually wear in summer, but toned down with such neutrals as grey, ivory, white or beige, it works perfectly well for the fall too.

Fuchia represents joy, happiness and lifts our mood on those grey and short autumn days.

You can opt for a fuchsia blazer, hoodie or incorporate fun fuchsia coloured socks!

Dusky pink

If fuchsia is too much, don’t worry, the more conservative dusky pink is also trending!

It’s powdery, subtle and a perfect choice for a dress shirt or a blazer—dusky pink colour pairs well with neutral colours such as white, light grey, black. And if you want a bold outfit, style with burgundy, teal or bright red.

Shades of clay

Clay and various shades of it that resemble orange or light brown are this year’s favourite colour, and it matches perfectly with all your brown pieces too!

We love a clay-coloured leather jacket or shoes; they’re not too “out there”, but at the same time give your look a much-needed twist.

Indigo blue

Indigo blue is one of the brightest colours out there, yet it has a very calming effect that promotes concentration!

Get an indigo jacket or a puffer west to complement your outfit and give it more life.

This fall indigo is a trending colour, and we’re happy about it, as it allows creating some fantastic combinations.

Try pairing indigo with red, white, brown, orange or yellow.

Silver everything

Who doesn’t need a little sparkle in their lives? We sure do! And we’re in luck because silver is trending this year.

The universe probably brought this trend back, knowing we need cheering up, as silver “everything” was seen on the runways.

Blazers, knits, bottoms, accessories and statement pieces are welcoming the hope of the world opening up more and giving us the chance to go out and celebrate life. Fingers crossed!

Powder blue

Happy to wear something unusual once in a while but still want some staples for every day? Why not try powder blue? It’s soft, bright and very warming on a grey autumn day.

It also works with pretty much any other colour under the sun, so even fashion novices will have no trouble styling it.

Powder blue is the obvious choice for your dress shirts and t-shirts, but try a blazer or a cardigan in this colour too! Style it with navy, white, grey or yellow!


Peach is one of our favourite trending colours this season, and it allows a great transition from summer to cooler autumn days.

A peach hoodie, blazer, shirt or sweater will look perfect with denim jeans or great wool trousers.

We also love peach in smart-casual outfits. For a less common combination, try peach with navy.

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