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3 Easy Steps to Complete Your PTLLS Course

Before taking a course, it’s important to know what it includes. If you don’t follow the guidelines, you may feel uncomfortable on the course, unable to finish the exams, and perhaps lose money that you might have used elsewhere.

With the PTLLS Course, you’ll be on your way to an exciting and rewarding teaching career. And completing it is one of the achievements that a person can get.

What Is A PTLLS?

The acronym Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) describes this course well. It is a qualification for beginning a teaching profession in the United Kingdom.

AET (Award in Education and Training) replaced PTLLS with a level 3 certificate in teaching (AET). Postsecondary education teaching is a professional path that begins with this course. It covers all the fundamentals of the teaching process.

Generally, it focuses on the following educational areas:

 An introduction to the field of education
• Understanding one’s obligations and duties
• Identifying the specific requirements of each individual
• Using a variety of methods to educate and learn
• Learn how to design, deliver, observe, and evaluate instruction
• Motivation for students
• Procedures for retaining records
• Assurance of quality

3 Ways To Complete Your PTLLS Course

1. What Do You Need To Have?

Before enrolling in a course, it is essential to examine whether or not you satisfy the prerequisites and confirm that you have all the necessary materials.

The following is the list:

• Essay writing abilities on a basic level (equal to a pass at the GCSE or O Level in English)
• Three days of availability for attendance in the course
• Interest in pursuing a career as a trainer or teacher in the post-16 sector

2. What Is Covered In The Course?

Among the many topics, you’ll learn about in this program is the importance of teacher health, safety, and equal opportunity.

The course consists of three units:

Unit 1: Understanding The Roles, Responsibilities With The Relationships In Education And Training

An introduction to teaching includes health and safety, equal opportunity, and the other experts you may have to work with.

Unit 2: Understanding Inclusive Learning And Teaching Approaches

This course helps you understand how people learn, communicate, and use various teaching techniques and tools to meet the individual requirements of your students.

Unit 3: Understanding The Principles And Practices Of Assessment

Assessment is defined in this lesson, as well as the best practices for delivering high-quality examinations. Anyone interested in evaluating workplace performance or providing regulated qualifications and rewards would benefit greatly from this course.

3. To-Do List: Essays To Finish

Before completing the course, every student must hand in three essays as a part of the theoretical assessment. These essays are to be written with the assistance of a submissions team using the unit course numbers 1- 3, and each essay should have around 1500 words.

What To Know

Admission Requirement:

Basic functioning skills are required for this course (Numeracy, Literacy, ICT). The Level 3 Award in Education and PTLLS program is an introductory, knowledge-based teaching qualification. Whether a pre-service teacher or a current educator, this course may help you improve your skills (in-service).

In-classroom Course:

The class meets for three days. This course will be given by an experienced instructor who will use various teaching methods to assist students in learning. The courses are offered with a holistic approach and are intended to be convenient and intuitive.

Course In Online/Distance Learning:

This qualification may be obtained online or in a classroom setting with the assistance of a tutor. You may study online or distance learning to achieve your degree. Additionally, you are granted access to the Online Portal in full. Your certificate will be issued there when you complete the tasks.

What Can You Teach After Completion?

If you complete this, you will be qualified to teach any course in your specialty field. Because of this, it is an excellent course if you wish to teach up to Level 3 courses. This course is a way to get started in the training industry, and it doesn’t matter what activity you want.

Additionally, this training is perfect for those who want to become first aid instructors. In fact, you will be given a certificate after completing it.


The goal of the PTLLS Level 3 / 4 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector course aims to become a qualified trainer. Generally, the PTLLS course is designed for people who are new to teaching, wish to become associate teachers or are actively teaching.

In particular, if you are working toward the completion of your PTLLS course, you need to have an understanding of it. Hopefully, this article helped you discover some simple steps that will help you finish your PTLLS course and will gain knowledge for the next chapter.

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