7 Methods to Control Hair Loss

Hair is an integral part of our lifestyle. And it’s very difficult for anyone to see their hair falling. In addition, balding has been a significant problem for many people, and although we keep grappling with nothing and concern ourselves over how to stop it from getting worse, it does not seem to stop. However, we can take care of a few things like our scalp to help our hair strengthen and get healthy. Hair loss treatment for men and women is also available to help us further.

Scroll down below, to know some effective ways to control hair loss –

• Avoid Heat

You might want to avoid heat to your scalp. It can cause harm to your skin and even burn them. Are you constantly using heat on your hair, this might be a reason for your hair to break off or get dry and lose its lustre. When your hair is too dry and loses its moisture, it can break off. Try towel drying your hair or air drying. Blow drying your hair can seem too beautiful to pass on at the moment, but years down the line, you will regret it.

• Shampoo and Conditioner

It would be best to find out your hair type and scalp type is precise. Suppose your roots are oily or not and if your length is dry. According to that and the nourishment you need for your hair, you can choose your perfect shampoo and conditioner.

You also need to learn the best way to shampoo and condition your hair. Shampoo goes on the roots, whereas conditioner goes on the lengths. Apply hot water once before shampoo. This will open your hair follicles for better cleaning and apply cold water to your length.

• Avoid sleeping with gels and hair sprays

Hair gels and hair sprays can seem like a miracle when needed. It holds your hair and keeps it intact for an extended period until you wash it off. However, if you’re sleeping with the sprays or gels and avoiding washing them off, they can damage your hair. If it is indispensable for you, wash it off as soon as you’re done and get the product out of your hair. It makes your hair brittle and vulnerable to damage and breaks off.

• Oil massages

Massages are fantastic for stress relief. When someone gives you a hot oil head massage after a long tiring day, that feeling you get is divine. These are not just great for stress relief and relaxation. It is also suitable for your hair. When you oil your hair, your scalp and your hair get moisture. It helps your hair from getting dry and frizzy and breaking off. It strengthens your hair roots and soothes your scalp to retain moisture.

• Avoid bleaching

That pink hair might look cool, but it requires bleaching your hair to get that colour. There are so many risks in bleaching. Your hair might burn off or break off. It is more susceptible to damage, and every little thing will affect your hair much worse. The side effects can vary from how damaged your hair is after the bleach. It can be as simple as frizziness and dryness or even end in hair breakage.

• Natural Hair Mask

Try to avoid chemicals in your hair as much as you can. Instead, try using natural products as much as possible to restore your hair balance. For example, you can use henna or honey in your hair. Then, according to your need, you can research the best natural product for your hair. Natural products do not damage your hair or disrupt the balance in your hair. It is also cheaper.

• Avoid brushing wet hair

When wet, hair is very fragile. Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. It can cause more hair fall. Instead, brush your hair after it has dried. This will ensure that most of your hair stays on your head and not your brush. Use a soft brush that will be gentle on your scalp.

There are many ways through which we can help our hair. First, we need to have patience and nourish and protect our hair well. Then, we can protect our hair and prevent any further hair loss.

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