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Fastest Way To Cook Chicken In Instant Pot

Are you also fed up with the moments when you are hungry but couldn’t enjoy the food? Well, I know how annoying that moment would be. The war between mind and heart begins when you know cooking but don’t know the fastest way to cook your favourite food. Hence you end up killing your heart by cooking something which can be cooked in minutes instead of your favourite food.

According to studies, about 65 billion chickens are consumed a year, which means people love eating chicken. Anyhow Chicken is a time-consuming food to cook.

If this fact sounds relatable to you and you sucks at cooking or aren’t aware of the fastest way, then you were just meant to go through this article. Reading further will help you solve all the problems, not even this you will get chic tips about cooking chicken within minutes in an instant pot. Let’s get started!

Instant Pot and Cooking

The instant pot is an electronic cooking appliance that works exactly like its name and even more than that as pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, steaming, sautéing, and even warming. In this era, people with busy schedules and high social media profiles are very well aware of instant pots.

When it comes to cooking in the instant pot, somebodies may be difficult, especially when one is a beginner in the world of kitchen and cooking, filled with loads of appliances and gadgets. Well here’s a quick little rant down to instant pot:

Instant pot makes your cooking easy. It also helps people maintain their work schedule while focusing on their cooking skills by its less time-consuming application. Instant pot can automatically defrost your frozen food and cook it without destroying the food’s taste and quality. Instant pots are worth it and also recommended by professional chefs. It is also the best appliance to cook meat in less time.

Why Should One Use Instant Pot For Cooking Chicken?

When we can cook chicken in a regular pot, you might be thinking why one should use an instant pot? Well, the answer is simple. It is time-saving. Did you know how much time an instant pot consumes to cook the whole chicken? An instant pot took hardly 20 minutes in cooking a whole chicken.

At the same time, a standard pot took 1 hour. If you don’t like chicken, don’t worry. There are many vegan options for the Instant Pot, like this recipe at CORRIE COOKS.

It is the best method to cook when you are hungry. You do not have to invest time in defrosting chicken before cooking because as you would have read above, an instant pot can cook frozen food. You can cook a small 6-8 ounce frozen chicken breast only in 11 or 12 minutes with the help of a pressure cooking system in an instant pot.

After finishing the cooking process in an instant pot. The appliance beep itself as it has an automatic indicator. It helps in protecting chicken and every food from burning. Instant pot can also keep your food warm due to its automatic “keep warm” feature which can be activated for 10 hours.

Fastest Way To Cook Chicken Instantly

You can cook a variety of chicken in an instant pot in less time, but still, sometimes fortune stops feverishing our skills and making everything go wrong. Here are the easiest, simplest, and the fastest way to cook chicken in an instant pot which is even faster than any other process. The steps are as follows:

Preparing An Instant Pot

Place the steamer or large colander basket in the instant pot. Add salt and your desired seasonings into the chicken with the flavour and taste you want in it. Remember the trick; less is more good.

Apparatus Into An Instant Pot

After preparing an instant pot, put the seasoned chicken in an instant pot and pour water. The water should measure over the chicken.

Cooking Process

Close the instant pot with the help of its lid. Do not forget to seal it. You also have to make sure that the pressure valve is closed.

Setting An Instant Pot

After placing all chicken and water, set an instant pot on high pressure for at least 10 minutes. The fresh chicken will take 10 minutes while frozen needs to put on 12 to 15 minutes for hyping pressure.

Pressure Release

As the set minutes will pass your instant pot will indicate it by alarming beep sounds. Be quick at that moment and release the pressure.

Enjoying Meal

Transfer your cooked chicken from the instant pot to the cutting board. Chop it the way you like and add lettuce and other vegetables. You have cooked delicious chicken just in 10 minutes.

Storing Food

Your cooked chicken can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days with the same delicious food. Do not forget to keep it in an airtight jar or container.

Final Thoughts

An instant pot can help you in enjoying your favourite meal throughout the day. No matter if you are running short with time. It can also cook the chicken in the way you want. An instant pot protects your food from burning. It makes food consume able for a little more period.

An instant pot fulfils over all the needs of the kitchen. It works as a microwave by warming wood; it works as an oven for baking bread and meats; it works as a defroster by defrosting and cooking meat. In a cup of tea, the instant pot is a useful product.

It is best for cooking chickens as it takes less time and saves the meat with its protein and irons. It overcooks the chicken only when you are willing. The best thing about cooking chicken in an instant pot is that you can cook the chicken in the way you want, example if you are eager to have medium cooked chicken, you will set a timer according to it and get the desired result. The same goes for other varieties of chicken.

Well, I hope this article provides you with information and helps you solve the problems you face while cooking.

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