5 Must-know Subjects To Study Before Taking Your CPR Online Certification

The American Heart Association developed CPR certification to increase emergency care providers’ knowledge and skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is a life-saving skill that can be performed on adults, children, and infants at any time of day or night.

The course entails several crucial topics about saving lives in dire situations. Find out all about online CPR certification and five key subjects you need to study before taking your CPR online certification!

The CPR Certification Course

It’s important to enroll in a course before taking your CPR online certification exam from MyCPR NOW! There are several organizations offering courses designed specifically for healthcare professionals and lay rescuers alike.

Courses can be found in a variety of formats, from live classes to online courses and mobile apps—all designed for your convenience! However, before you take on an online CPR certification course, you must know the following subjects.

1. First Aid and Safety

Ensuring your safety is of the utmost importance when performing CPR on a victim. Basic first aid and safety practices are crucial to protect yourself from blood-borne diseases, including Hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, and other microbes that can be spread through contact with bodily fluids such as urine or saliva.

2. Basic Life Support (BLS)

The BLS protocol is a series of lifesaving steps that must be performed in a specific order to save a victim’s life. Knowing the proper techniques for chest compressions, rescue breaths, and how to use an AED are all critical for providing emergency care. Under basic life support, you must know how to perform several emergency maneuvers.

3. Heart Attack Recognition, Strokes & When to Call Emergency Services

Heart attacks are life-threatening emergencies that require immediate medical attention. The symptoms of a heart attack may be challenging to recognize in some patients, but if you can identify the signs, your intervention could save their lives.

Strokes can be fatal if medical treatment is not received immediately after symptoms appear. If you suspect rapid or unusual symptom development, it’s important to know when to call for help. Calls placed within three hours of an initial stroke have the best chance of recovery.

4. Choking Management and Prevention

The Heimlich Maneuver is an emergency procedure for dislodging foreign objects from a choking victim’s airway. It is a critical skill to know for anyone who wants to be certified in CPR.

5. AED Operation

Another must-know subject to take before taking your CPR online certification is how to use an AED. The American Heart Association recommends that anyone who performs CPR should also know how to use one, as well as the different types of electrodes available for them.

These are just five critical subjects that you need to know before taking your CPR online certification. Be sure to research additional information on each of these subjects to ensure that you have a complete understanding of how to provide lifesaving care.

And don’t forget – practice, practice, practice! The more you perform CPR maneuvers, the more confident you will feel when the time comes to use your skills.

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