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Factors To Consider When Creating a Good Explainer Video

Every good explainer video should quickly and easily sell what the product or service is all about. To achieve this, one has to keenly look at certain factors that ensure an exemplary explainer video has been created. One can choose to do all the work or engage experts in this field to develop the concept from the idea phase to the end product.

There are companies that have services and products that will help the business operator understand the dynamics involved in the creating of such videos for meaningful impact on the target populace.


The video experts at Spiel Creative claim that knowing who your target audience is the first step in the creation of an explainer video. The choice of language, music, tone, font, colors, and feel of the entire video rely solely on the type of audience the video is targetting.

For instance, younger audiences are attracted by bright colors and playful fonts, but this will not work for the older demographic. Extensive research is vital in the preliminary stages to ensure that the explainer video created passes the message and calls the target consumers to action.


Incorporation of the relevant music genre in the explainer video sets not only the mood of the video but the tone and of the video as well. The correct type of music for a specified target audience hooks that audience to the video while ensuring that the relevant information has been passed to the consumer.

Music provides for familiarity with the target audience, which, in turn, helps consumers retain information from the explainer video. The audio should also be entertaining and set the atmosphere for the audience’s engagement with the video.

Impact to the consumer

This is achieved by the explainer video adequately communicating the brand and its value effectively in the short period of time available. Converting viewers of the explainer video to actual consumers of the product depends on how the brand and the brand values have been presented with regard to that of the target audience.

The impression that an explainer video has on an audience can be gauged before the release of the same. A percentage of the target demographic can be used to test the final product to see whether it provokes the emotions of the consumers converting them into buyers.

Call to action

Every good explainer video provides a what next for the consumer. It does offer the consumer a solution to their problem or makes them think that they really need the product or service, especially when emotive and prompting words are used.

A call to action is the ultimate goal of the explainer video. Having one that communicates without imposing the ideologies of the brand on the consumers. Choice of words and imagery is vital in nudging consumers towards making a decision that favors the brand and convert to sales or referrals.

The call to action should come towards the end of the explainer to prompt the potential buyers to consider buying the products and services that the business is selling.


The script to your explainer video should be thoroughly thought out and storyboarded to ensure that the video created is relevant and does communicate the intended message to the target consumers. Scripting allows for short engaging breakdowns of the larger concept that represents your product or service.

Creating a storyboard alongside the script helps develop characters for the video and their line of action as well as the monologues and dialogues that will be used in the video. A script allows you to establish the goals of the video and how to present the problems that your product or service solves to the consumers in the most appropriate way.


For this kind of video, the creative elements should be considered and chosen wisely. Combining audio and visuals requires an outstanding idea for it the video to beautifully stand out. The voice, in this case, a voice-over should be done skillfully and use a voice and tone that allows the viewers to relax and enjoy the video.

The characters in the video are to be developed with their roles standing out if multiple to allow consumers to relate to them. Also, the voice used should match the character created to enhance the overall look of the video and its credibility too. With so many parameters for choosing the right voices, you can also explore text-to-speech voices.

The colors and fonts used in the creation of the explainer video should reflect the comprehensive look and feel of the brand and that of the product or service being offered.

Get to the point

Explainer videos are favored over many other forms of communication and adverts because they get to the point as early as they begin. They are an effective way to sell a brand since they get to the point without losing the attention of the consumer, explainer videos are short and to the point that losing attention when watching them is practically impossible.

But the overall impact can only be felt if they get to the point sooner rather than later. Reducing the duration of the video helps maintain the attention of the viewers from the beginning to the end allowing for engagement among other aspects. Interacting with straightforward content makes it easy for the target population to understand the product or service.

While there are many other factors to consider when making a good explainer video, which vary depending on the products and geographical location, the factors discussed above cut across all boards. Without the knowledge of your target audience or the creativity that helps you stand out, it is impossible to make a relevant and catchy video.

You can use Do It Yourself (DIY) solutions to come up with an explainer video that works for you and your target audience. However, there are other alternatives that include using professionals who have years of experience in the industry and customize according to your needs. With this option, consider factors such as the type of product you need to sell, cost and target audience, to customize what works best for you.

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