Customizing Your New Build Home

Purchasing a new build home? It’s an opportunity many Canadians have as a life goal – the opportunity to build a home exactly the way you want it to look, feel, and function from the ground up!

That being said, it helps to have professional guidance to help you focus your priorities with so many decisions to make and details to attend to. Here’s a straightforward guide on customizing your home to help you make the most of designing and living in a personalized home.

Start with a Vision

Every grand design starts with a goal. Are you aiming for an open, airy living area flooded with natural light? Maybe you prefer distinct, functional spaces or a home that exudes luxury in every detail. Think about your lifestyle and how the design elements of your home can enhance it. Families with lots of children, for example, will likely prioritize different design features (like a mudroom or dedicated play spaces) than retirees or young professionals.

Consult Professionals

Architects, interior designers, and builders have seen and done it all. Their expertise will help you translate your vision into a practical, efficient, beautiful reality and steer you away from common pitfalls. Partner with a builder that has an in-house team of skilled and experienced construction and design professionals for a streamlined, cohesive build.

Functional Layout

Design your home’s layout by thinking about your family’s daily routine and consider questions like:

  • Kitchen. Do you need a breakfast nook? What about an island or a pantry?
  • Living Areas. Where will the TV go? Is there space for a reading corner or a home office?
  • Bedrooms. Should the master bedroom be on the main floor or upstairs? How big do the closets need to be?
  • Bathrooms. How many do you need? Do you want a tub, a shower, or both?

Lighting Matters

Canada, with its varying seasons, has unique lighting needs. Large windows can capitalize on the bright summer days, while strategically placed indoor lighting can combat the darker winter months.

For natural light, position windows and skylights to maximize sunlight. East-facing for morning light and west-facing to capture light in the afternoon, for example.

With artificial lights, recessed lighting, pendant lights, and under-cabinet lighting can add character and function.

Personalize with Finishes

This is where your house begins to look like a home. Finishes range from door handles to countertops. While aesthetics play a role, durability is essential. With finishes, consider the following:

  • Flooring. Hardwood offers a classic look, while tiles might be more practical for bathrooms or mudrooms.
  • Kitchen Counters. Granite and quartz are popular for their durability and variety of looks.
  • Bathroom Fixtures. Chrome is the standard, but brushed nickel or matte finishes might better suit your style.
  • Cabinetry. Do you want open shelving or traditional cupboards? You must also think about storage needs in the context of the overall style of your home.

Energy Efficiency

Canada’s varying climate means we sometimes deal with extreme cold and warmth. An energy-efficient home not only reduces your carbon footprint but also your monthly bills. Make the extra investment in energy-saving insulation and windows, and prioritize ENERGY STAR-recommended appliances that reduce electricity and water consumption.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

Your home’s outside is just as customizable as the inside. For landscaping, native plants can provide beauty and require less maintenance. Also, think about pathways, patios, or decks that fit your outdoor hosting and lifestyle needs.

With exterior finishes, brick, siding, and stucco are the most common choices, and each comes with its own look and maintenance requirements.

Don’t forget about the garage. Is it for cars? Storage? Both? Plan its size and layout accordingly.

Wrapping Up

Customizing a new build is a thrilling process. Keep functionality, personal style, and budget in mind, and you’ll craft a home that’s uniquely yours. Happy building!

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