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Tips for Dating a Woman Who Has Been Single for a Long Time

There’s a big difference between dating experienced girls and those who haven’t been with a guy for some time. Women who haven’t dated for a while tend to be more timid, although they are also more appreciative when they meet the right person.

In fact, we’d go as far as to say that you need special preparation for these ladies. Small mistakes can make them crawl back inside their shell, closing the door on a potentially fantastic relationship. Luckily, there are numerous online sources and websites where you can learn about the dating habits of young girls, widows, and mail-order wives, such as

That being said, the best way to meet and date your future bride is by learning tricks presented in the article!

Main Things to Consider Beforehand

Before your first date with one such girl, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Most of these women aren’t single by choice. They are usually in a bad spot, either due to lousy past relationships or some other traumatic experience. These issues will affect most of their decisions during the dating phase, and you might even feel they are awkward at times
  • On the other hand, the fact that a woman hasn’t been in a relationship for a while doesn’t make her dumb or incompetent. She likely had one or a few long relationships in the past and understands the difference between a guy and a bad guy.
  • Despite the awkwardness, you need to remember these are, first and foremost, ladies. Women who haven’t dated for a while have the same needs as any other female, so that’s something you’ll need to keep in mind at all times

Just remembering these three things will put you in a much better position when dating. However, we also recommend that you implement tricks that we will disclose in the following section.

6 Tips and Tricks for Successful Dating

Whether we’re talking about a mail-order woman or just a girl you picked up on the street, here are the things you need to know about ladies who haven’t been with a guy for a while:

1. Share Your Expectations

For this or that reason, women who have been single for a long time are harder to deal with than ladies who had healthy relationships with guys in the last few years. While you don’t necessarily have to know her reasons for being alone, you need to be aware of the fact she might have some issue.

Among others, you have to understand she might not be able to accommodate your needs. As such, you need to protect yourself from start by telling her what you expect from the relationship. If she doesn’t want the same things, it’s much better to move on and find someone who can fulfill your needs and wants.  

2. Give Her Space

Someone who has been alone for several years probably has a hard time adjusting to the relationship dynamic. Over the years, people have become accustomed to solitude, which can make it hard to introduce a boyfriend into their daily routine. This is especially true if you don’t live in close proximity to each other.

Because of that, it’s vital that you give her some space so she gets used to the new situation. If she wants to see you just twice a week, don’t take it as a sign of disrespect or lack of interest. However, if she still keeps her distance after half a year or so, call her out on that decision.

3. Learn About Past Relationships

While this might not be important in a regular relationship, it might be crucial when dating girls who have been out of the dating game for a while. Basically, you need to poke and prod about her past boyfriends and why it took them so much time to start a new relationship. These questions might cause her a bit of stress, but they can protect you from heartbreak.

Asking about past boyfriends can reveal whether she has a past trauma, which you can use to avoid mistakes that her exes made. Additionally, it will tell you whether it’s worth your while to date her in the first place.

4. Instill Confidence

Ladies who had lots of bad experiences in the past usually take things with a grain of salt. They are rather skeptical of their boyfriends, which is actually the main reason why they repeatedly break up with them.

As such, you need to instill confidence in her from the get-go. Explain that you’re honestly interested in her and that you’re not letting her go. Small tokens of appreciation can also go a long way, as they will demonstrate that you’re serious about the two of you as a couple. Similarly, ditch all the ladies you’ve previously been in contact with.

5. Create Memories

Ladies such as this usually lack confidence. They need to feel loved and to understand that you’re with them all the time. So, on top of instilling confidence, you also need to create memories with her.

Take her to places she has never been and arrange special surprises. Even if you don’t like pics, take photos of these events and watch them later together. Share funny stories that will make her think of you all day long.

6. Wait for Sex

Guys falsely presume that ladies who have been single for a long time are eager for sex. However, the truth might be just the opposite. There’s a chance that your girl doesn’t have a strong drive and is only willing to have sex with someone she fully trusts.

Wrapping Up

The very fact that many guys nowadays expect instant gratification might be the reason why she was alone in the first place. As someone who doesn’t like to put out to just about anyone, she might’ve been waiting for a guy to show her proper respect. Because of that, you need to respect her boundaries and wait for the right time to have sex.

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